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Shoot first; don't even bother with the questions

Commercials. When we return, Tru and Davis are arguing again about whether or not Tru's superpowers are real. The dialogue is just so bad. I can't stand it. Tru writes some crap down on a piece of paper and hands it to Harrison, because, like the rest of us, she wants nothing more to do with the Pointless Subplot of the Week. So she's going to make Harrison deal with all those stupid, non-murder-related things we saw yestertoday to prove that her powers are real. Harrison wants to know what's in it for him. Tru pulls out a gun and shoots him dead. No. But she should. He showed up at her apartment to bitch about her behavior, so she's going to prove (AGAIN) what her powers are to him, and he responds, "What's in it for me?" You get the ANSWER to all your damned questions, you FUCKING IDIOT, so shut the hell up before I PUNCH YOU IN THE NECK.

Cut to the morgue, where Tru is researching something on a computer. Davis wanders in and realizes that she must be reliving a day. The Powers That Prod remind Tru that Davis got shot all of five minutes ago. Stupid show. Tru acts all cagey and weird, because Davis GOT SHOT, so she has to act like a big freak to telegraph to us that she's concerned, because otherwise we'd think she doesn't care. Davis notes that Tru is looking up Nicole on the computer. She explains the details of Nicole's death. Davis mentions that she needs to figure out who the murderer is in order to stop it, but Tru says she knows who the killer is this time. Oh, silly, silly girl. Will you ever learn? No, seriously, will you? Because I'm really getting tired of it. Although, actually, you really can't blame Tru for believing what she did, considering what happened. She's got the most reasonable theory so far. This leads into a discussion of how Tru already met the fiancé, and she explains how he showed up to tamper with the body. She avoids mentioning the shooting to Davis. Davis, however, is sure that there's something Tru isn't telling him, because…well, because. They blather about helping people, and Tru leaves.

Tru heads over to Meredith's office to beg for the use of Meredith's car. See, because she won't find some other way to go get drugs if she doesn't have a car. It makes perfect sense! An addiction so powerful it causes people to regularly break the law is easily thwarted by a sudden lack of personal transportation. In the middle of a major metropolis. Stupid show. They argue. Meredith refuses to lend her the car. The Powers That Prod remind Tru about the accident and the drugs and stuff. Tru asks Meredith if this appointment might be for something besides work. Meredith non-answers that she doesn't have time for Tru's games and she has to go to a staff meeting; she leaves, telling Tru she can borrow the car tomorrow. After she leaves, Tru roots around Meredith's purse and takes her keys. She doesn't take THE ENVELOPE OF MONEY in order to prevent Meredith from buying drugs, because she's a complete idiot.

Tru drives to some house in the suburbs. She knocks on a door, and a man answers while talking on the phone to somebody about wedding-related nonsense. The guy puts the person on the other end (his mom, apparently) on hold to talk to Tru. She asks for Nicole. He wants to know who Tru is. She claims to be a friend who has a question for Nicole about the wedding tonight. Tru asks if this gentleman will be there, too. He says he hopes so, because he's in it. Tru thinks that he's the groomsman, but no. This guy is the groom. Tru's all, "Whaaaaaa?" The Powers That Prod remind Tru and the rest of us that this is not the same guy who showed up in the morgue yestertoday. The groom tells Tru that he doesn't remember her name from the guest list. She says she's not on the list. She just wanted to stop by and wish Nicole luck. The groom tells her that Nicole and her friends are all getting their nails done. On the wedding day? Considering the hectic schedule of a wedding day, wouldn't you get that done the day before or something? Like I would know. He tells her the name of the salon and where it's located so Tru can "surprise" her. As she's leaving, he asks her to tell Nicole that not seeing her on the wedding day is "killing" him, because there must be something in each scene that makes me want to drive a nail into my skull.

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