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Night has fallen as Tru returns to the morgue. Davis asks if Meredith's okay. Tru gives a noncommittal answer that she doesn't really know anymore. The two of them head into the examining room to find a body waiting. It's the woman from the opening teaser, still in her bloody wedding dress. Davis exposits for us that her name is Nicole Simms, and she died between 7 and 7:30 PM. She might have survived the shooting, but the ambulance didn't make it in time because of construction on the highway. Nicole bled to death in the church chapel where she was supposed to get married. Davis tells Tru to get started on "the standards," while he gets some X-rays.

After Davis leaves, Tru pulls out some gloves, but doesn't do anything. She just stands there waiting for Nicole to whisper the magic words. Nothing happens. After a few seconds, Tru hears a door open, and a blandly attractive man enters the offices. Tru walks over to ask him if she can help him. He non-sequiturs, "That's funny -- that snow just came out of nowhere." Yes, the best place to establish an important point for some other part of the show is as some tiny throwaway line taking place at a moment where people won't even think about it. Well, I wouldn't go so far to call it important, since this is a set-up for the Pointless Subplot of the Week. Tru offers to get him something to dry off with. The man doesn't need anything. He says he's there to see his, uh…his, uh…he can't seem to remember the word "fiancée" (we find out later he's probably too dumb to know it), so he just says the two of them were supposed to get married today. Tru, slightly less dim, knows he's there to see Nicole. He wants a couple of minutes with her, because he never had a chance to say goodbye. Tru just absolutely can't resist the opportunity to make somebody else's tragedy about her, so she tells him she knows what he's going through. The Portentous Orchestra of Terrible, Terrible Tragedy plays as Tru escorts the man into the examining room to look at Nicole. She tells him she'll be waiting in the office until he's done. She closes the blinds in the office window to give him some privacy.

Davis returns to the office with the good news that he got the "Cheesy Chums" that he ordered. He has to order snack foods to be shipped to him? Are they Canadian or something? Maybe Cheesy Chums are like those ketchup-flavored potato chips. He sees Tru in the office and asks her why she's not doing the standards. She explains that Nicole's fiancé is in there saying goodbye. Davis is upset, because it's against the rules to leave people alone in there with the body. Tru doesn't see the harm in bending the rule a little bit. Davis points out rightly that the dead people in the morgue are their responsibility until the investigation is concluded. Tru tries to get all sanctimonious about how Davis should care about the living, too, and blah blah blah. Then Davis walks into the examining room to talk to the man and discovers he's got a pair of tweezers and is poking around in the bride's wound. Take that, Tru's Moral Superiority! Davis asks the guy what the hell he's doing. They guy says he can explain. Davis asks Tru to call security, but the guy pulls out a gun and orders them not to move. The Portentous Music kicks in as Tru tries to calm the guy down. Davis is an idiot and turns to try to make his way over to the phone in the office, which is about twenty feet away. Tru tries to urge him to stay still, but he panics, and then the guy panics and shoots Davis in the gut. Davis goes down. Tru freaks and kneels down at Davis's side, trying to get him to respond to her. The man orders Tru to get up and help him. Tru sneers that she'll never do anything to help him. He says, "That's too bad," and pulls the trigger. And now we have really bad slo-mo. We watch the bullet slowly drift across the room. As the bullet approaches, Nicole turns her head and whispers, "Hhhhhelp meeee!" at a normal pace, meaning that either the bullet should have been through Tru's skull at this point, or she actually chirped it out really quick like a chipmunk. Whatever. Anyway, the bullet floats in the air inches from Tru's head, and then starts moving backward, leading us into the time travel montage. Well, at least they did do something genuinely different with it this time. It doesn't make up for the stupidity of the rest of the episode.

And we cut back to the morning, as Tru wakes up in shock to see Harrison once again sitting on the end of her bed. Her fear has a different element to it this time than just incestual stalking. And instead of cowering away from creepy Harrison, she instead leans forward and hugs him. Well, that's sending the totally wrong message. He asks if Tru's all right. She says she doesn't know yet. The Portentous Music is very angry that Tru doesn't know.

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Tru Calling




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