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And again, another annoying attempt at a clever transition. Right as she strikes the cab, we smash cut to the morgue, where Davis "Hi! I Would Like A Last Name, Please!" jerks open a drawer, causing all sorts of metal tools to go jangling around. That was just unbelievably dumb. Tru walks in, and Davis points out that she's there early. She's there whenever she feels like it. She's like one of the vice presidents at your company. She wants to invite Davis out to lunch because he's the only one who "understands" her. Well, yes, he's the only character on the show with an IQ higher than a trash can's, so it's no surprise. He agrees, but then Tru's cell rings. It's Meredith, so she has to go.

Cut to the scene of the crash. As Tru arrives, the Pointless Subplot of the Week forces some kid's baseball to get lost down a street drain. Tru walks over to Meredith, who is sitting on the back bumper of an ambulance, holding some piece of cloth up to her right cheek. She's bitchy and wants to go. Tru asks to take a look at it. It's the tiniest, phoniest little bruise on her cheek. It's the kind of wound where you offer to kiss it to make it better, give li'l Meredith a popsicle to calm her down, and then send her back out to the playground with the other kids. Meredith whines that she had an appointment and was running late because of all the "construction on the highway," when this taxi allegedly "pulled out in front of [her]." Yeah, I don't think anybody's buying that one. You don't have to be a detective to notice how cleanly she rear-ended it. Meredith whines some more about everything. She needs to get her stuff out of her car before it gets towed. Tru offers to do that for her.

Tru heads over and starts collecting the stuff out of the passenger seat. She notices Meredith's PSA and clicks it on to see she didn't have any appointments scheduled this afternoon. In fact, she has absolutely no appointments scheduled at all this week. I guess she's not a very good lawyer. Well, given the quality of writing on this show, I should just be glad it doesn't say, "2:30 PM: BUY COCAINE." Tru also finds an envelope full of cash. She heads back over to Meredith and casually mentions that this is an odd part of The City to have an appointment in, and didn't she use to come to this part of town to buy drugs? Meredith says that she used to, but gets bitchy with Tru at the idea that she's still involved with drugs. Tru says that Meredith shouldn't be afraid to ask for help. Meredith says she's not afraid, and points out that she called her after the accident. Though why, I have no idea; she doesn't appear to actually need Tru for any purpose other than to bitch at. I mean, if you wanted to keep your continued drug use a secret, you wouldn't beg somebody who knows your past to come out to a minor accident scene. Oh, yeah -- bad writing.

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Tru Calling




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