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Opening credits that suck, followed by commercials that suck if only because the money FOX makes from them is keeping this show from being CANCELLED.

We return to find Tru waking up, as we do every single episode. Of course, each time there's something slightly different about the way Tru wakes up. This time she wakes up to see Harrison sitting on her bed, staring at her. Tru freaks the hell out, as you do when you're not actually a character in a V.C. Andrews book. She asks what he's doing there. He says they need to talk. Yes, I think they need to have a little discussion called "Boundaries, and Why They're Necessary in Polite Society."

So apparently, Harrison decided to wait until the next morning to talk about Tru's strange behavior the previous day, re: woman versus car. And you know, even if he decided to wait, he figured it would be better to just sit there on her bed and stare at her until she woke up rather than, you know, call or something. We cut to Standard Diner, where Harrison is forcing us all to hear the entire premise of the show again. Because even though Tru has explained this all to him and proven her abilities on several previous occasions, he still doesn't believe her. They have a lengthy argument that consists of Harrison refusing to believe that Tru relives days, and complaining that she's risking her life for people that don't care. See, because he didn't care that she saved him from going to prison for murder. Stupid show. Hate you so much. Amazingly, it took two people to write this piece of dreck. Tru and Harrison are interrupted by the introduction of this episode's very detailed Pointless Subplot of the Week. A waitress complains that some guy ditched her on a check, so we all know we're going to be reliving this particular day. Tru whines that she's not going to argue about it any more -- she'll just have to find a way to prove to Harrison that it's real. Like when she kept him from being framed for murder weeks ago? Like that? Is that proof? Jesus.

Cut to Meredith "The Thin White Line" Davies, who is driving in her car, and oh, God. The sound effects here have me giggling. We're supposed to believe that she's driving really fast and swerving around recklessly. Except her car appears to be going somewhere around thirty miles an hour, so they've piped in what sounds like an entire field of NASCAR racers as a sound effect. It's hysterical. It sounds like her fancy little convertible sports car has three engines. She bitches out loud that the person in front of her is driving too slowly, to remind us all that Meredith is obnoxious. She's distracted for a moment by fiddling with something on the passenger seat, and when she looks back up, she sees that she's about to rear-end a cab. Uh-oh -- looks like it's time for the yellow flag.

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Tru Calling




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