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Murder In The Morgue

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We cut to the Standard Café, where Tru is waiting for Harrison. She perks up when she sees him, like he's her boyfriend. It's getting really creepy between the two of them. It has to stop. She asks Harrison how his day was. He says she had him going, but it's "game over," because she said it was going to start snowing out of nowhere at a certain time, and there's nary a flake to be found. Well, other than Harrison. Tru checks Harrison's watch and points out that it's two minutes fast. She points out the window. Harrison turns to look to see that it is, indeed, snowing. Now Harrison believes her. Oh, sure, Tru used her powers to keep him from BEING FRAMED FOR MURDER, but that was all just a coincidence. Guessing snow, though? That's some fine damned proof there. He believes her now. Until next week, of course. She thanks Harrison for believing in her. He in turn thanks her back. Tru is confused. Harrison explains that she's "omniscient" -- dude, buy a dictionary -- and can help him out of trouble. Tru tries to explain that it's not how her powers work, but he ignores her. His cell phone rings. He answers and tells some guy on the other end that he won't be able to meet with him tonight as he rakishly walks out of the diner to bask in the soap flakes. Tru realizes that Harrison owes this guy money. Harrison says he does, but he doesn't have to rush now that he's got Tru to tell him what's going to happen. She says that she won't always be able to help him. Harrison obliviously says, "Of course you will. You're my sister." Tru punches him in the neck and walks away. If only.

Tru heads back to the morgue, so Davis can wrap up the exposition. So she left to hang out with Harrison and then came back to find out whether or not she actually saved the day? Stupid show. Davis tells her that Justin turned himself in (for what?), and they arrested Saffron based on what happened. Nicole made it to the hospital, and she's stable. Her parents called to thank them for saving their precious little bride's life. Davis says he's also thankful to Tru for saving his life. He tells her that this is the second time somebody has saved his life. She asks what happened. He can't seem to answer, so of course we know that this is an important plot point for the future.

Just then, Tru's cell phone rings, as usual, to save people from trying to find normal ways to end conversations. It's Meredith, in a phone booth, who apparently has hit "rock bottom" on the basis of getting back-handed once by a dealer. She's got the same bruise on her cheek that she would have gotten in the accident (oh, so very clever), and she's calling Tru, crying, to ask her for help. Tru tells her she'll be right there. Davis tells her to go ahead. They can discuss their little arc development "another time." Which isn't going to happen, because this show is going to be CANCELLED. Shut up. A guy can dream, can't he?

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Tru Calling




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