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Cut back to the morgue. Davis has pulled out a tray of tools and is preparing Nicole for some sort of surgery, even though they don't have any BLOOD that would help deal with the problem of her BLEEDING OUT or anything like that. But never mind. Tru says she'll assist. Davis says that actually Tru's going to perform the surgery and he'll assist. Because he's icky about working on live bodies. Really. For those of you who took the poll on page one, this is the spot where I covered my face with my hands and went, "Oh, God." So amazingly stupid. Tru performs the surgery, while Davis spits out phrases the writers saw once on an episode of E.R., regardless of whether or not they make sense. Suddenly, they hear the sound of breaking glass. Tru orders Davis to leave, but he won't, because Nicole will die.

So Justin comes striding in and is shocked to find Tru there, working on Nicole. He says he thought Tru was Nicole's friend. She says she lied. He tries to get back on his script about "saying goodbye," even though we all just heard him break into the morgue. Tru says she knows he's there to collect the bullet. She tells him that they know Justin didn't shoot Nicole. Justin repeats the crap about all the evidence pointing to him, and then pulls out the gun again and orders them to give him the bullet. And then what? He now has two eyewitnesses to him stealing the evidence. And he's going to commit double-homicide in order to protect himself from getting framed for murder? I can't believe how stupid this show is. You know what I think is going on? We accidentally missed a season of The Real World here at Television Without Pity. They set a season in Burbank, and the kids were all required to come up with a television show as their job. And this is the "fruit" of their "labor." It makes prefect sense. This is exactly the kind of story the dipshits on those shows would come up with, when they weren't finding excuses why they didn't do anything at all or complaining about racism and homophobia. Davis starts to make a move toward something (idiot!), and Tru reminds him that Justin will shoot his ass dead. Tru then points out to Justin that there is a witness to the murder: Nicole. If he lets her work on Nicole, they'll be able to save both of them. After some coaxing, Justin relents.

So then Nicole dies. Davis's medical license is revoked, and he and Tru are both fired. And Justin rots in prison. And we all live happily ever after. No, of course not.

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Tru Calling




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