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One knife to rule them all

Tru heads back to her apartment. A flashback for the stupid reminds her about her neighbor, so she stops to invite him to the party. He agrees. She heads into her apartment, pulls a yearbook out of her stereo cabinet, finds the page with Julie Spence's name, and rips it out. What possible help could that page be? Is she going to track Julie down and say, "Hey! Weren't you the treasurer of Kappa Delta Gamma when you were a junior?" ["And who buys the college yearbook, anyway?" -- Sars] There's a knock on the door. She goes to answer, but stops when she sees the dark-green vase. She has a flashback of the stupid of the vase breaking yestertoday, and moves it on top of the television. God. They can't figure out a way to incorporate Tru's own sister into the show for three episodes in a row. But the dark-green vase? The dark-green vase gets its own subplot.

It's Lindsay at the door; she went shopping for the party without Tru this time. She starts unloading the goods in Tru's kitchen, including the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM. Tru stares at the knife in horror, as though there's a possibility that the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM magically floated through the air with its secret dark powers and buried itself into Donutface's chest. At this point, such a turn of events would actually make the plot more believable.

Cut to later, where Tru is handing the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM over to Harrison to get rid of. Harrison must take the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM to Mordor, climb the jagged cliffs of Mount Doom, and drop the knife into its fiery depths. Only then will the embattled folks of The City be free of its dark influence. Seriously, Tru thinks the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM has powers. She must. Harrison whines that he doesn't know what to get Lindsay because she's so weird. Tru tells him to get Lindsay something weird. She doesn't care what Harrison does, as long as mankind is freed from the rule of the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM.

Tru stands outside City Hall, clutching a plaid umbrella and Julie's yearbook photo. Couldn't she have just gone inside and asked for her? Oh, I guess the Portentous Music wouldn't be able to play for something as pedestrian as Tru asking a secretary where to find her. Julie walks down the stairs. Tru runs up and introduces herself, explaining that she's a friend of Professor Donutface's. Julie recognizes Tru's name and tells her she knows exactly who she is.

Tru and Julie walk in the rain and chat about Donutface. Julie says Donutface was always talking about Tru when they were together, and wonders if Tru is there to "gloat" about getting him back. Tru says she doesn't have Donutface back and doesn't want him back. She's there to "warn" Julie not to let her feelings for Donutface cause her to do something stupid. Julie doesn't know what Tru's talking about. Tru mentions that Julie slashed Donutface's tires after he broke up with her. Julie insists that she wasn't the culprit, but is certain he probably deserved it. Tru urges Julie to stay away from him. Julie says it's not Tru's concern, and she'll deal with her exes her own way. Tru says that's what she's worried about. Julie says the reason Donutface and Tru were so great together is because they're both psychotic. And stupid. Don't forget stupid.

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