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One knife to rule them all

And of course -- of course! -- Luc happens to stumble upon this scene. The surprising secret about The City? It's actually only two square blocks. All those other buildings are just for show. Luc confronts Tru after Donutface leaves, pointing out that she said she was going to be at work, which is where he was heading when he bumped into her. She explains to him that Donutface is her ex-boyfriend and wanted to talk to her. Luc's all suspicious this time because...there is no "because," he just is. Tru insists Donutface is in trouble, but can't explain what it is. Luc is all upset that Tru lied about having to work, and tells her to have fun at her party as he stomps off. The closed captioners, incidentally, refuse to humor the stupid spelling of Luc's name.

Commercials. The attention-deficit-disorder recap distills all the stupidness of this show into twenty seconds.

We return back at the morgue. Davis has a watermelon. Tru wants to know how it will help solve a murder. Davis sticks a big knife into it. He points out there's no "leakage" because the knife seals the wound. However, when he picks up the watermelon, turns to face the wall, and pulls the knife out with an insane melodramatic flourish, a spray of watermelon juice creates an arc similar to the blood streak Tru saw. So from that, they determine that Donutface pulled the knife out himself. With an insane melodramatic flourish, apparently. Furthermore, the blood on the doorknob indicates that Donutface was stabbed outside her apartment and then came in. Luc didn't lock the door when he left? What a great boyfriend he is. Davis thinks that Donutface was attacked and left for dead. He manages to get up and stumble back to Tru's apartment. He opens her (unlocked) door and makes it over to her bed. And then he pulls the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM out (with the insane melodramatic flourish) and collapses onto her bed. Tru wants to know how he could do that with a knife in his heart. Davis says the knife sealed the wound, so there probably wasn't much blood loss. Yes, but there was a knife in his heart. I don't think it's going to function very well with the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM piercing it. I don't think people who get stabbed in the heart necessarily die of blood loss. Tru asks why he pulled the knife out. Davis suggests that he was in shock. He adds that this doesn't prove Tru was the killer. Tru says that it doesn't prove that she isn't. Except that it's FUCKING IDIOTIC to expect us to believe that Tru just decided to go BACK UP to the roof to see if Donutface is still there, bring the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM with her, and just stab him. And then here's the fun part -- they both stumble their way back to Tru's apartment at nearly the same time. Donutface can't possibly have sat there with the knife in his chest for very long before dying, even if Davis's scenario isn't a crock of complete shit. I know Davis said the murderer "left him for dead," but there's just no fucking way. So did Tru, in her fugue state, hold the roof door open for Donutface to help him get back inside? Did they prop each other up as they went down the stairs, what with Tru being so very, very drunk and Donutface being stabbed? Hey, maybe it was Donutface who tucked her back into bed? And then he made sure she was fully asleep before pulling out the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM (with an insane melodramatic flourish). He didn't want to disturb her with his death throes. Tru whines that she was supposed to be making bean dip for her party and her job sucks and waaaaaah! Davis insists that the two of them will crack the case together, and she leaves.

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