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One knife to rule them all

Davis takes Tru into an office to show her a special program on their computers. It's a 3D crime scene simulation program, which Davis says allows forensics folks to recreate what may have happened in places where evidence has been destroyed or tampered with. And he just happens to have her bedroom programmed in? Why is she worried about Donutface stalking her? Davis says he just needs to program the "variables" he's given her and he might be able to give a "ballpark" description of the killer. Ooh, ooh! I know the answer! The killer? He was holding a knife! I'm not sure exactly how they're going to get a better description than that based on what Tru told him. He seems to think he can get the height, weight, and sex of the killer based on Tru's flimsy info, but it will take a few hours to pull all that stuff out of his ass. She reminds him that she's going to meet with Donutface in a few minutes, and starts to leave. Davis stops her and asks her if she's going to invite him to the party tonight. Tru says she's going to cancel the party. Davis insists that Tru has to have the party: "In order to save Donutface's life, you have to recreate the circumstances that led to his death exactly." Otherwise, he claims the killer could strike at some other place where they can't stop it. Yes, that makes perfect sense. Clearly this murder was planned, even though Donutface showed up at the end of the party, uninvited, and the murderer didn't know he'd be there. God. Stupid show.

Tru calls Harrison to cancel their meeting. Everybody walks around Tru holding umbrellas, even though it's not raining where she's at. It is, however, raining where Harrison is at. Maybe The City is in Florida? Harrison brings up the blah blah blah Lindsay blah dating blah again. Tru repeats that he should make some nice gesture to her. He wonders if he should buy her something. Tru says that's fine, as long as it's not a watch with somebody else's name on it. Harrison says he'd never do something like that. Then he pauses and says, "Unless I did do that. Did I do that?" Heh. The two of them blather some more about the fact that Harrison still does not believe Tru relives days. Idiot.

Tru and Donutface hang out in Standard Diner, catching up. She gets him talking about his personal life in the hopes of figuring out another suspect. He was dating yet another student, but broke it off. Her name was Julie Spence. She graduated last spring, and now she works in the mayor's office. Yes, of course she does. Tru asks how Julie took the break-up. Donutface says she went "a little psycho" and slashed his tires. Ah-ha! Now we know that Julie isn't the killer, because she's the first suspect. And it's never the first suspect. ["Well, not on Law & Order, but that's a good show. So if Tru Calling is copying it, that's good. I guess. Cancel it, FOX!" -- Sars] As they're leaving after lunch, Donutface repeats his spiel about how they were great and belong together and such. But this time, rather than shutting him down completely, she tells him that she's dating somebody but wants to "remain friends" with the obnoxious cad, and invites him to her party tonight. He agrees to stop by after his late class (he has a class that ends at one in the morning?) and gives her an awkward hug goodbye.

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