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One knife to rule them all

The forward pass is one of the world's greatest innovations? Shut up, Canon.

We return from the commercials as Tru slowly freaks out as she examines the mess. The YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM remains on the floor. Donutface is in bed. There's a strange streak of blood across the wall. She checks Donutface's pulse to determine that he's really dead, then starts to sob as she picks up the cell and calls 911. Eliza does a pretty good job reacting to this whole scene, which is the only bright spot in this entire episode. She starts telling a 911 operator where she lives (1723 York, for those who care) and about the body, when she hears a voice whisper, "Truuuuuu." She turns around a looks around the room. Then she walks over to Donutface as the 911 operator chatters away. Suddenly, he grabs her arm and whispers, "I need you."

Cue the flashback montage. She wakes up again at 10:30 AM with Luc knocking at her door. She greets him, and he recites the same awkward exposition as he did yesterday. Okay, Tru has this antique sideboard in her kitchen that's probably worth five figures. Jesus. Anyway, Tru just putters around as Luc continues to say everything he said yestertoday until the cell phone rings. It's Donutface, same as last time. This time, Tru tells him to meet her in an hour at "Standard Diner." That's the name of the diner. Which probably was actually the name of the setting in the script -- "Scene 4: A standard diner" -- so that's what they decided to name it. Brilliant. We don't have time to name things properly! We have to make sure we get in enough shots of the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM! After they hang up, Tru walks in on Luc and bails on the fancy breakfast he made. Luc is beginning to look kind of attractive to me. He needs to get rid of those stupid contacts, though. Nobody believes your eyes are lavender, dude. Take them out. Tru lies that Davis needs her to come into work right now for some sort of emergency. Luc doesn't bother to wonder what sort of emergency a morgue could have in the first place or why they would need Tru for it, considering she's just mostly untrained labor. Anyway, she apologizes and blah blah blah. She promises to see him at the party tonight.

Cut to Tru at the morgue, filling Davis in on what she saw yestertoday. She says she saw a single wound, just below the heart. Davis dwells on the fact that Tru had a big party and didn't invite him. Heh. They head toward the office as they discuss what may have happened. Tru again repeats that she had a lot to drink, so she may not remember everything. Davis asks if she can think of any suspects. Tru says there's only one she can think of: her. Davis thinks the idea is as stupid as it is. Tru says that maybe he got violent and she fought back. And then afterward she tucked herself back into bed and went to sleep. God. It's just so insulting to the viewers. Davis insists, "I know you. You save lives, you don't take them!" Well, she's certainly killing me, but nobody seems to care. Davis asks for more information about the death. He had the wound to the chest, but through the help of flashbacks, Tru remembers that Donutface also had a cut on his right hand. She remembers the spray of blood on the wall and blood on the doorknob as well. And of course the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM was on the floor. She says only the first couple of inches of the blade were bloody. Tru stupidly asks if it was suicide. She really is an idiot. Davis points out that -- duh! -- the wound on his hand indicates that Donutface was trying to protect himself.

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