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Anyway, after that chivalrous display of Luc allowing Tru to be her own person, she heads up to the roof. She looks around for Donutface, but doesn't see him. She starts to head back to the stairs, but then the Random Boyfriend Generator drops Donutface right behind her. He reaches out to grab her as the Portentous Music tries to scare us. It only scares Tru, who wheels around to see Donutface's lips making a beeline for her face. She pushes him away and gets pissed off. He explains that the first time he kissed Tru was on this roof. Wait, then -- that means that moving scene in the second episode wasn't Tru moving into this apartment. Oh, why am I even bothering? Tru tries to leave as Donutface and a Portentous Cello start getting all intense and creepy. He doesn't want to let her go. He wants her to see how great they were together. Even though he was totally cheating on her and stuff. Okay, you can have the creepy, possessive, stalker types. And you can have your amoral, philandering cheater types. But those two personalities, as dreadful as they both are, don't really intersect at very many points. Tru tells Donutface to leave and never come near her again. Then she leaves him on the roof.

Tru heads back to the apartment. She runs into Samwise in the hallway, looking for a place to puke. She tells him how to get to the alleyway. She heads into the apartment to find Luc blowing out some candles. In a moment of extremely stupid writing, Tru asks where everybody went, even though she ended the party three scenes ago and actually said goodbye to people as they were leaving. Stupid show. Luc blathers on some nonsensical reasons why people were leaving and it's stupid and shut up. He asks Tru if she's tired so she can tell us that Lindsay's punch has got her "head doing somersaults," even though she's so very not drunk at all. And even if she were, I suspect that confrontation on the roof cleared her head up quite a bit. But never mind. It's a chance for Luc to be the good boyfriend and tuck "drunk" Tru into bed. They make goo-goo eyes at each other while they talk about how great the party was. She asks him to stay. He says she needs sleep, so he won't. He promises to see her tomorrow. He kisses her and shuts off the light as he leaves. A pan over to the clock indicates that it's 2:07 AM.

Establishing shot of Tru's apartment. We head back inside, and just as her clock reads 3:00 AM, a car alarm goes off on the street, waking Tru up. She senses that there's somebody else in her bed. She thinks it's Luc and mutters that she thought he was going home as she flips on the light. Then she freaks as she looks over to see that it's Donutface. And he's bleeding all over. And he's dead. And on the floor next to the bed? The YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM! With some "blood" artfully spilled on about an inch of the blade.

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Tru Calling




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