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Elsewhere at the party, Lindsay is cooing at a watch that Harrison bought for her. That's a bit much for a present, considering all they did was fool around. Lindsay loves it, until she flips it over and sees that it has an inscription on the back that says, "From Bill to Sally." Oops. She gets mad when she figures out that Harrison bought her a gift from a pawn shop. So damned stupid. Like somebody who lives on the social margins the way Harrison does wouldn't have known to check for something like that. I bet he's bought all sorts of gifts at the pawn shop before. And she's terribly offended about the watch coming from a pawn shop, like she should have expected a Cartier watch from a guy who has no visible means of income.

Tru changes the CD player to some other crap alt rock band, then turns around to find Luc standing there with an orchid. They greet each other; then she drags him over to Harrison and Lindsay, who are still arguing. Whatever. Lindsay and Harrison greet Luc, and then Lindsay drags Tru over to the punch bowl. After they're gone, Harrison tries to sell the watch to Luc. At the punch bowl, Lindsay whines about how cheap Harrison is and if he can't raise her interest then she'll have to let him be. She also declares that Luc is hot, and we see him hanging uncomfortably around Harrison, giving that fake smile and eyebrow-waggling combination that guys do to show that they're willing to put up with brothers with suspect hygiene in order to be with a hot chick. We also establish that Tru has had a few drinks, though she's not in any way, shape, or form drunk. Samwise interrupts them to tell Tru that some guy out in the hall is complaining about the noise.

In a complete waste of everybody's time, Tru goes out in the hall to talk to her neighbor, Brian, a less-friendly hobbit who demands that she turns the music down. Tru agrees, and he stomps off. Lindsay says Tru should have invited Brian to the party so he couldn't complain. I was about to say that none of this contributes at all to the plot; then I remembered that it does later, but only in a way that makes it even dumber.

So the party comes to an end, and Tru says farewell to the folks as they leave. Okay, it seems that Tru's apartment has a Random Boyfriend Generator, what with Luc appearing suddenly earlier. Unfortunately, it doesn't discriminate between current and former boyfriends. Somebody puts his hand on her shoulder, and Tru turns around to find Professor Donutface standing there. He says he needs to talk to her. She refuses. He promises it will take only five minutes and then he'll leave. Several people, including Lindsay, Luc, and Samwise, watch the confrontation. Tru relents but says she won't talk to him there. He says he'll wait for her on the roof, as long as she promises she'll come. She agrees. He leaves. After he's gone, Luc asks Tru what's going on. She explains that Donutface is the ex she was talking to earlier. Luc says he's okay with her talking to Donutface and he totally trusts her. I guess this is supposed to make Luc look really sensitive or something, but wouldn't that be the least Tru would expect of him? Was there a chance he was going to go, "You're my property now, bitch! You don't go talking to other men! Now get me a beer before I backhand you!"

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