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One knife to rule them all

After she hangs up the phone, we all hear a man's voice looking over the content of Tru's cart. It's Professor Donutface, there to stalk his way back into our hearts. Or not. Tru is surprised to see him there. Donutface awkwardly insists that he lives three blocks away and this is where he shops all the time. Tru looks suspicious, because I guess they've never run into each other here before. Although, since Tru doesn't even own a knife, I doubt she sets foot in any grocery store that often. Donutface says he just wants to apologize for his behavior on the phone this morning. Tru responds noncommittally, and he leaves.

Back at the apartment, Lindsay is all but handing Tru a copy of The Gift of Fear (actually, Tru really does need a copy of that) while telling her that Donutface is a big, scary stalker. The camera follows as Tru puts a dark-green vase on an end table in the living room. I'm surprised she didn't put it on the table next to her bed, since she probably ran out of things to knock to the floor when she wakes up a while ago.

Then Harrison calls Tru to find out whether Lindsay likes likes him or just likes him. Tru pretends that Harrison is a long-distance service telemarketer so that Lindsay doesn't understand what's going on. Tru is a better friend than I am. I'd just hand Lindsay the phone and say it's for her and let the chips fall where they may. Harrison is an idiot and doesn't understand why Tru won't talk openly about Lindsay at first. He finally figures it out, and Tru explains in "code" (pretending that she's talking to the telemarketer) that Harrison should get something nice for Lindsay. See, people like nice gestures. You learn stuff from this show. Lindsay then takes the phone out of Tru's hand, thinking that she's humoring the telemarketer, and hangs up on Harrison.

Party! Wooooo! A bunch of extras arrive at Tru's hip pad. There are lights and signs and really bad alt rock, probably from the same group that sings the theme song. Some guy hugs Tru, but she doesn't remember who he is until Lindsay tells her a little later. Lindsay points out to Tru that the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM comes with instructions so that we don't forget there's a YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM. We should all beware of the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM. The YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM will not be ignored. ["Wait -- a knife comes with instructions? Like what? 'Please do not use to cut human flesh'? Shut up, show." -- Sars]

The worship of the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM is interrupted when some guy knocks the dark-green vase off the table in the living room, and it shatters. The guy, whose name is Sam, apologizes to Tru. Sam is kind of short and looks like he could be a hobbit, so I'm going to call him Samwise. Tru asks Samwise how he's doing and if he's started at Hopkins yet. Turns out that he hasn't. He says he had to miss a final because of a "family emergency," and the "jerk professor" wouldn't give him a make-up. They're called "deans," Samwise. Look into it. And if that doesn't work, try "lawyers." Clearly, Samwise is too stupid for Hopkins if he's just going to let the professor have the last word. Well, I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself there. No, actually, considering everything, Samwise really is too stupid for Hopkins. He whines that he's selling shoes at his dad's store until he can reapply. Oh, how I weep for his horrible tale of woe. When he finds out Tru is working at the morgue, he realizes that he doesn't have things so bad. I bet Tru is making far more than Samwise is, though.

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Tru Calling




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