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One knife to rule them all

When we return from the commercials, Tru fills Luc in on the nature of the call. Luc idiotically assumes this means that Tru is dumping him. These two totally deserve each other, although I fear for the wits of any children they may have together. Tru doesn't want to have anything else to do with a donut-faced man with a wandering eye. Luc's happy. He anvils that if the two of them can't be honest with each other, then what else do they have? Hot sex, I'm assuming.

Speaking of having hot sex, Tru and Harrison are having another one of their incestuous meetings at the diner. Ew. This week's pointless supporting character subplot is the continuation of the adventures of Harrison and Lindsay. He tells Tru that he can't stop thinking about Lindsay, but he used to hate her and he doesn't know what to do. Wash your hair? Just a suggestion. Tru wonders why Harrison is bringing all this up with her. Tru and Lindsay are going shopping for the party later, and Harrison wants Tru to feel Lindsay out. No, not like that. He wants Tru to find out whether Lindsay really likes him and if she'll say yes if he asks her to the homecoming dance.

A transition to Tru and Lindsay shopping introduces us to the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM. It's a big knife with a plastic yellow handle. It's for sale at wherever they're shopping, and a sign declares that it's half-off. Lindsay says she might be interested in Harrison, but she's not sure. She says Harrison's been acting weird ever since they fooled around, and hasn't called or sent flowers or whatever The Rules says you're supposed to do. Executive producer and creator Jon Harmon Feldman's name pops up at the bottom of the screen. He is my new arch-nemesis. The hell with guys like Pat Buchanan and Jerry Falwell -- Feldman is the true evil. Lindsay plucks the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM from the display and adds it to their cart. Tru says they don't need a knife, for the sole purpose of drawing more attention to the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM. Lindsay insists that they need the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM in order to cut limes. And, you know, any of the million other things you need a knife for in your home. Tru doesn't have any knives in her house? I hate this show. I didn't buy any cooking supplies in my current apartment for about six months, but I still had silverware. They don't even really need these YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM moments in order for the plot to make sense. As usual with this show, they're paying too much attention to the wrong things, spending all this time explaining the reason behind the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM and ignoring the idiocy of Tru thinking she killed a guy during a 45-minute blackout. Lindsay has a mini freak-out because she almost forgot to buy Pez. Pez! It's The Pez of Pointless Subplot Foreshadowing. The dispenser it comes with has a little anvil on the top.

As Lindsay runs off somewhere to find Pez in this upscale food and wine shop (stupid show!), Davis calls Tru on her cell to find out if she's really serious about taking the day off. She is. What if a dead body needs help? She says that she doesn't get asked for help every night, which doesn't really answer the question. I guess anybody who comes into the morgue tonight gets a free ticket to the afterlife regardless of whether or not he DIED BEFORE HIS TIME. Tru tells Davis she literally worked eight days this week, which is actually the correct use of "literally" given Tru's situation, so there's one small step for coherence. Anyway, Tru is insistent that she's taking the night off.

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