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One knife to rule them all

Believe it or not, I'm not drunk.

So Tru runs out and tries to convince Samwise to drop the knife. She tells him that he can actually fix the problem and get into medical school, but if he kills Donutface, he'll end up in prison and ruin his life. Her words manage to break the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM's hold over Samwise. He drops the knife and flees from the roof, sobbing. After he's gone, Donutface asks Tru how he can thank her. She tells him he can thank her by saying goodbye. He makes his way down the stairs with his bloody hand.

Later, Davis is cleaning up from the party with Tru. For no purpose other than to point out how stupid this plot is, Tru wonders how Donutface managed to get all the way into her bed with the knife in his chest. Davis responds, "Well, he loved you, Tru. That makes a person stronger." No fucking shit. You know who really loves people, then? Michael Myers from Halloween. He loves people so much that he just flat-out refuses to die.

Just then Luc arrives so they can resolve their little tiff, even though I know a variation of said tiff will be in every single episode until this show gets cancelled. This episode's escalating bribe to FOX to CANCEL THIS SHOW: If you cancel Tru Calling, I will watch one hour of The O'Reilly Factor. Davis takes his cue to leave and fantasize about Tru elsewhere. After he's gone, Luc blathers to Tru that he was thinking that nothing good ever comes easy and other trite, romantic clich├ęs. Tru asks if he can handle it when she inevitably takes off somewhere. He says they'll find out. Yes, because it's going to come up every single damned episode. He hands her a rose and apologizes for missing the party. She says the party's not over yet. They swoon into each other and get all kissy. The screen fades to black before they start doing it on the kitchen counter.

Next episode: There are soldiers. The Melodramatic Announcer declares that the episode doesn't end the way I think it will. What, it'll make sense this time?

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