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One knife to rule them all

Finally, Donutface arrives, and he and Tru greet each other. He wants to talk to Tru -- on the roof, where it's quiet. She tries to beg off as the hostess, but he swears it will only take a few minutes. She agrees. Keep your thoughts close to yourself, Tru. Don't let the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM know you're alone with Donutface, so it won't possess you.

Up on the roof, Tru and Donutface talk about the fact that Luc's not there. Donutface declares that Luc's a fool for not panting over Tru. Then he tries to move in for the kiss again. She shoves him away, but things get a little pushier this time. He grabs Tru's arm and declares that he won't "give [her] up." They struggle and Tru falls down. While she's down, she finds a jagged piece of metal on the roof and grabs it, waving it menacingly at Donutface. Oh no; the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM sensed the struggle and has taken over Tru's body! Tru tells Donutface to stay away from her, for "[his] own good." She leaves him there on the roof and heads back to her apartment.

Tru heads back in, meeting Samwise in the hallway, same as she did yestertoday. Inside, Lindsay tells her that Harrison bugged out on her, claiming that there was "a card game" somewhere "downtown." Then she pulls out a wastebasket to clean up the remains of the dark-green vase, which Samwise still managed to destroy. Nooooo! Noooooooooo! The vase was saved! It was saved! Oh, I am filled with sorrow. Who cares about Donutface? I'm in mourning for the dark-green vase. They talk about Samwise, who apparently filled Lindsay in on his life story, too. And, of course, this causes The 8:55 Sudden Realization Of The Killer. That's what I'm calling it from now on. Tru spontaneously realizes that even though there are hundreds of professors at her old college, Donutface must have been the one who refused to give Samwise the retest. We get a bunch of stupid flashbacks to remind us that Samwise fits Davis's description of the killer, except for the fact that he's not a girl. She runs over to the sink to discover that the knife is gone.

Sure enough, up on the roof, Samwise is confronting Donutface with the knife over his brief delay in going to medical school. He's already slashed Donutface's hand. We'll just assume that Samwise knew that Donutface was on the roof because the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM told him so in magic whispers. "Bring the knife with you," the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM whispered to him. "Make the man with the face of a donut pay for his sins. With blood!"

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Tru Calling




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