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One knife to rule them all

Cut to the party. Extras arrive. People mingle. This time Tru remembers Marty's name. Nobody cares. If they took out every stupid repeat moment that doesn't actually advance the plot, they'd actually be able to write episodes that make sense. Her neighbor's there. He says that if things slow down, he's got a karaoke machine.

Elsewhere, Harrison gives Lindsay her gift. This time, it's a rare Popeye Pez dispenser. He says he remember her talking once about her Pez dispenser collection. Lindsay loves it, even though Harrison probably still got it at a pawn shop. But never mind. She shows it off to Tru, who apologizes for Harrison before Lindsay explains that she actually likes the gift. She thinks maybe Harrison isn't just a rakish loser. Tru asks if Lindsay's seen Donutface is around. Lindsay is surprised to hear that Tru invited him to the party. Then Lindsay tries to get Tru to drink, but she won't because it lowers your mental defenses and that's when the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM gets you.

Since the Random Davis Generator exists only in the morgue, we get to actually watch Davis enter Tru's apartment. Tru fills Davis in; neither Donutface nor Julie is there yet. Back in the kitchen, Lindsay's trying to cut up a lime, but can't find her knife. The neighbor sees her searching around and offers to bring a knife over from his place. Tru really doesn't own any knives.

Later, Samwise is repeating his stupid tale of woe to Tru, when she looks over to see Lindsay cutting up limes with a knife. It's not the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM, but maybe the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM has power over all knives and can make them do its evil bidding. Tru walks over and asks Lindsay where she got the knife. She explains that the neighbor brought it over. We get a dozen shots of Lindsay putting the knife in the sink. Knife! It's a knife! The Portentous Music tells us to look at the knife!

Harrison drags Tru away to tell her that he thinks Lindsay's getting a little clingy and he's probably going to dump her. Then he wants to check out some sports scores on the television. In the conclusion of the dark-green vase subplot, Harrison nearly knocks it off the television, but grabs it and moves it back to the table. Since the moment that Samwise knocked it off the table yestertoday is passed, the vase is saved. Oh, hurrah! Hurrah! The dark-green vase shall liiiiive! I'm just a sucker for a happy ending.

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Tru Calling




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