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Back at the morgue, Tru interrupts Luc's work in the darkroom to apologize for lying. She says she was worried about Donutface, and she won't lie about things like that anymore. Luc mentions that he knows Tru has told him before they even started dating that she tends to run off for no apparent reason. It never bothered him before because Tru is really hot, but now he's getting really curious and wants to know where Tru runs off to all the time. She won't tell him. He gets upset about her lack of honesty and concludes that it's better that they had this fight now before things got too serious. Tru responds that if Luc is looking for "neat and easy," then he's got the wrong girl: "But if you think you can handle something a little more complicated, then stick around. You won't be sorry." What? I wasn't aware women had degrees of difficulty. I guess there are Beginner's Women and Advanced Women? Is Tru really trying to sell her stupidity and secrecy as some sort of bonus? Man, she should work in marketing. Just then, Davis calls on her cell phone to tell her he needs to see her. She tells Luc this. Luc doesn't really believe her. Awwww. If only anybody cared.

Davis is running a simulated stabbing on the computer. He tells Tru that based on the tiny smidgen of information she gave him, he believes the killer was five-foot-four, right-handed, and lacking upper body strength. He thinks it was probably a woman. I'm not going to bother pointing out the stupidity of all this, given that the wound was merely described to Davis after Tru saw it for about three seconds. The folks on the forums have amply pointed out the stupidity of this "research." Tru says that the description fits her. Except that I weigh a little more than 200 pounds and I think Eliza Dushku can probably out-bench-press me.

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We return back to the morgue, where Davis says he still doesn't think Tru's the killer. Tru's all, "Who else could it be?" and then suddenly has a flashback of the stupid to her conversation with Julie all of ten minutes ago. This is a children's show, people. Somebody decided to make a murder mystery show targeting second graders. Really, it all makes sense if you approach the show that way. Like, they decided that kids are going to play violent video games anyway, so there's no reason why they can't have a kids' show full of dead bodies. ["Except that even the average second grader is like, 'This shit makes no sense.'" -- Sars] Anyway, Tru thinks Julie could be the killer. Davis says they'll both keep an eye on Donutface at the party, and if Julie shows up, they'll know to stop her. "And if I'm the killer?" Tru asks. Because she's going to be absolutely unable to stop herself from killing Donutface. She's going to be possessed, perhaps by the YELLOW KNIFE OF DOOM. It's more powerful than people think. That's how it gets them. Davis says he won't let Tru kill Donutface.

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