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This show will not beat me. If my dying words happen to be "Tru Calling has been cancelled," I will go to the afterlife with a smile on my face.

Tru wakes up to knocking at her door. She checks the clock to see that it's 10:30 AM. Well, somebody's slightly more considerate. That's probably around four hours of sleep she managed this time. She gets up to answer the door to find an unshaven Luc there. Tru sleeps practically fully dressed. Eliza's fanboys (and girls) must be very disappointed in the lack of lurid moments in this show. By way of greeting, Luc spits out some awkward exposition that Tru has finally taken a day off after working for 39 days straight. Doesn't she work for the city? I don't think they'd let her work 39 days straight even if she wanted to. Luc's got a bag of food with him, and he kisses her on the cheek as he offers to make her breakfast.

As he's cooking, Tru peeks in her refrigerator, which may be empty of food, but has got exposition stuffed in the vegetable crisper. She whines that she's got 50 people coming over tonight, but no food. Luc wonders out loud why she's just getting around to a housewarming party six months after moving into her apartment. Pointing out the stupidity of the plot doesn't make it less stupid, people. Tru non-answers about being busy and blah blah blah. So that inexplicable moving scene from the second episode with Tru and Meredith must have been her moving into this place. One confusing scene explained; thirty-four to go. There's more awkward and unnecessary dialogue about Luc meeting Tru's brother for the first time. He should be concerned -- I bet Harrison is the jealous type.

Tru's cell phone rings, as it usually does to indicate the end of a conversation on this show. She answers it and is shocked to hear Professor Donutface's voice on the other end. We get some flashback reminders that Donutface cheated on Tru with another student, because he's a prick. He tells Tru that he knows she hates him, but he can't stop thinking about her. We see Donutface walking along some street. He's clean-shaven now. I guess there's some sort of facial hair balance requirement. If Luc is scruffy, Donutface has to be smooth. Or maybe Tru makes guys stop shaving properly when she dates them. Donutface wants Tru back. We get a meaningful shot of Luc preparing breakfast, for the viewers who are overwhelmingly stupid. Donutface wants to meet with Tru donutface-to-face if she's willing. Tru doesn't care what Donutface wants. They argue. He begs. She doesn't care. She tells him she's got a new guy and to go away, then hangs up on him. The Portentous Percussion informs us that this isn't the end of Donutface. Yet.

Oh, REM. Why'd you have to go sing on Boston Public? If you were that strapped for cash, you could have just called.

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