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Tru, of course, makes this all about her, because she can't understand why a bright med student with a promising future would resort to doing drugs. Frankly, I don't know why either, but I've been watching this show for fourteen minutes now and I've already done three lines, smoked a joint, and dropped half a tab of LSD. It's still not helping. Tru keeps whining, and then just because the show just isn't dumb enough on its own, they actually have to make the characters say stuff that's super-double-dumb just to keep up. Marco 2.0: "I've never met a newbie as curious as you, Tru. Relax, you can't help her now." Get it? Do you? DO? YOU? Boss Guy finally does notice the petechial hemorrhaging, because otherwise the writers would have nothing upon which to hang their flimsy "Tru uses the MCATs to finally realize the truth" scene later on, and then yip yap bling blah everyone leaves but Tru. "You have no idea how lucky you were," she says to the corpse. "You died BEFORE IT WAS TIME TO WATCH THIS SHOW." And then Dead Paige rolls over and says, "Save me," which startles Tru even though it's presumably happened each and every time she's ever found herself alone with a corpse. It's also still not creepy, by the way. Then we get one of those cheesy zoom-wipe montages and suddenly Tru is waking up again to the sound of "Lindsay's" bitchcakes phone call. She's still not naked, by the way. In fact, neither of them are.

Commercials. Like little thirty-second slices of heaven, each and every one.

Even though she should totally know the drill by now, Tru still has to stop by the morgue to ask about Paige and deliver some tru-ly awful dialogue. "You ever have like one of the greatest days of your life?" she asks Boss Guy. "You know, a really, truly great day, and you just feel like the whole thing got erased?" Oh, yeah. That's exactly how I feel RIGHT NOW, bitch. Tru confirms that no dead medical students have shown up yet that day (despite the fact that it's early in the morning and Paige doesn't die until 34:31 or whenever), I guess because even though all the newspapers, TV shows, and bank time and temperature signs all show that it's the dame day over again, it just wouldn't be Tru Calling without all the pointless and unneeded and unnecessary and superfluous reiteration and redundant repetition. Boss Guy asks her about the MCATs, and after Tru will have mangled her verb tenses, she takes a moment to remind him to accept those autopsy records that no one cares about and that we're never going to see this week anyway.

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