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Tru catches a red-eye back to the Hudson campus, and threatens Drue with expulsion again until he tells her that Paige babbled something about the moon and the stars and took off running. This leads Tru back to Daddy Stop Touching Me's House, but Daddy says that Paige isn't home. Tru recaps the last twenty minutes for him, but Daddy insists that he's innocent. Tru tells him that Paige's car is parked out front, but Daddy doesn't even wonder why it would be there if Paige wasn't home, and instead finally just wises up and boots Tru out of the house. One can only hope Rupert Murdoch will be doing the same sometime soon.

Tru steps outside, and fields a cell phone call from "Lindsay," who's mad that Tru blew off her scheduled blind date with Jeremy. That anger dissipates, however, when Jeremy sidles over and busts out the whole "you're too good to be Tru" line a second time. "Lindsay" giggles, I vomit, and why the fuck isn't this show over yet?

Still standing outside of Daddy's house, Tru glances across the street and notices that the Guy Who Is Finally Important has a GIGANTIC moon-and-stars stained-glass window in his front door. So how the fuck are we supposed to believe that Paige remembered the moon and the stars and yet still walked out her front door every single day for twenty-five years without ever making the connection? Yeah. I should totally be bubbling over with righteous fury by now, but this show has finally beaten me down. I just don't even care anymore. I once recapped thirty-two straight weeks of HBO, I made it through a seventy-five-minute commercial-free episode of The Sopranos, a hundred-and-ten minute commercial-free episode of Oz, twelve hours of Dune and five episodes of Mind of the Married Man, and I never once conceded defeat, but I've had it. Tru Calling is officially my kryptonite.

That doesn't mean that this show can't still fucking bite me, though.

Inside the house, Paige is confronting the neighbor. She calls him a pedophile. He calls her crazy. They fight. He tries to strangle her. Tru bursts in and saves the day. Paige hugs her daddy. The neighbor looks evil. I count the seconds until this is over.

Denouement time. Paige and Tru chat on a bench. They don't kiss, so I don't care.

Back at the morgue, Tru chats with "Lindsay," who tells her, and I quote, that Jeremy "used the same line on the waitress that he used on [her]." How is that even possible, unless the waitress was also named…wait. Don't care. Moving on.

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Tru Calling




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