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Fade to later, with Tru checking her watch. It's 2:30, and she actually says the words "two hours and counting." Because remember, Paige died at 3.14:31. Then Tru looks up and sees Lou walking right past her. She begs him to stop Paige, he says that Paige is going through with the flatlining right now, and then the Left Hand of God sweeps down from the heavens and sends us straight to commercial.

Bless you, My Lord. Bless you.

When we come back, Drue is administering the lethal injection. Except he's shooting it into an IV tube THAT'S NOT EVEN CONNECTED TO HER ARM, which not only makes this entire scene utterly pointless, it also means that those bruised needle tracks on her arm never would have been there in the first place. Sigh. Then we cut to a shot of Tru running, which was by far the best part of the entire hour. Run, Eliza, run! Flick…ahh. Paige flatlines. Tru runs. Paige stays dead. Tru runs some more. Drue tries the defibrillator. Tru keeps running. Finally she reaches their little homemade operating room, and because she's the hero here, she's totally able to resuscitate Paige by doing the exact same thing Drue just did. Yawn. Is it over yet? Is it cancelled yet? Drue brags about how great of a doctor he is, which prompts Tru to wonder what he would have done if she hadn't been there. Um, I don't know -- maybe the same exact thing he was doing, which is the same exact thing she just did, which is so lame that I can't believe I'm even bothering to type this sentence. Paige thanks Tru for saving her life, which was even dumber than the preceding sentence, and then Tru runs off to take her MCATs.

When she gets there, the proctor lets her in even though she's three hours late. Do you know how we can tell she's three hours late? Because of the clock that says it's 5:12, which is forty minutes after Paige supposedly "died," and two and a half hours after the preceding scene that took place at 2:31. Where is this test being given, in Tokyo? I know I can't say it any better than Shack, so I'll just quote him directly: "I guess in a show that involves a woman going back in TIME and racing against TIME to stop people from dying before their TIME, the order in which things happen isn't really all that important." A-fucking-men. Tru settles in to take the exam, but stops just long enough to hand Hay Fever Boy a tissue. You know, because proctors at standardized tests like the MCATs have no problem whatsoever with people passing papers around. And how is it that she remembered to bring this guy a Kleenex, when most mornings she can barely remember that she has the power to travel back in time? Eventually she comes across an oh-so-convenient question about petechial hemorrhaging being a symptom of strangulation, after which she puts two and two together and gets seventeen, and jumps up to rush out of the room. The proctor tries to stop her, claiming that if she leaves now she won't be able to take the test again for another year. Oh, come ON! Thirty seconds on Google turned up four scheduled MCAT examinations in the greater Pittsburgh area in the span of less than six months, and I don't even know what MCAT stands for! I've got number two pencils that are smarter than this show. Tru leaves.

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Tru Calling




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