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Soldier of Misfortune

Cut to Tru, on her cell, pretending to be Bridget and calling the magazine to complain that they're still not forwarding her subscription to her new place. She asks them to confirm what mailing address they have for her. Of course, anybody who lives in the real world knows that the customer service people always ask you to confirm your address as an assurance that you are who you say you are. But I think we've thoroughly established thus far that nobody writing this show actually lives in the real world, so the employee at the other end gives Tru Bridget's new address.

Cut to Harrison and his interview. Somehow this thoroughly incompetent twit has managed to toss together a stellar résumé out of nothing in less than a day, and is charming the interviewer to death. She points out that Harrison doesn't actually have any experience in real estate. Harrison says he's been selling stuff since he was sixteen (and I'm sure at least some of it was legal), and he's learned that if you just listen to what people want, you can sell anything. Which is stupid. Part of salesmanship is convincing people that they want whatever it is you're selling, isn't it? I mean, a drive-thru speaker is a stellar salesman, based on Harrison's explanation. He gives the required interview responses about being passionate and persistent, and the interviewer is won over.

Tru and Jake have apparently driven around the block, and stop on the other side of the street to make it look like they're filming in a different area. Jake starts coughing, and Tru notes that he's sweating. The Powers That Prod remind Tru that these are symptoms that Jake's gonna blow. Tru tells him to stay in the car, and she'll bring Bridget out, and then after Jake sees her, he's going right back to the hospital. Jake then thinks this is the perfect time to let Tru in on the fact that Bridget's father really, really, really doesn't like him and had "big plans" for his daughter that don't involve him falling in love with a soldier. Like I needed more proof of these people's complete break from reality. In today's economy, a soldier's probably quite a catch. And he's probably not going to get laid off anytime soon. Hell, these days he can't even quit. There's the whole thing about getting killed, but that doesn't seem to be the source of Daddy's dismay. Jake asks Tru whether her dad liked any of the guys she brought home, to remind us that Tru's dad is the terrible secret love child of Mussolini and Tokyo Rose. She tells Jake that her dad never met any of her boyfriends, because he was out gallivanting around with his whore of a second wife, drinking virgin's blood out of the skull of Pope Pius IX.

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Tru Calling




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