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As Tru turns to run out, Davis says that Meredith dropped by. Apparently, despite Tru's best efforts, Meredith and Davis went ahead and made lunch arrangements yet again. Seeing Tru's facial expressions, Davis determines that things didn't go well. Tru fills him in on what happened on their first attempt at lunch. Davis repeats his whining that a woman like Meredith wouldn't go for a guy like him. Tru asks if he really liked Meredith. Davis says he did. So Tru decides to fill Davis in on Meredith's likes and dislikes. Jake's body could explode in a shower of blood at any moment, but there's no reason why Tru can't take time out for lurrrrrve!

Cut to Standard Diner for Lunch Date II: This Time It's Pastrami. Instead of talking about autopsies, Davis tells Meredith that he loves the city of Dublin. In Ireland. Meredith thinks that's great, because she lived in Dublin for her junior year. I'm assuming in college. Or it may have been high school, what with the abandonment and stuff. Meredith's having a good time now, so when Hot Bailiff walks in, Meredith pretends she doesn't know him. Then Davis gets a little too eager, unfortunately, and starts talking about how much he loves horses. Meredith realizes Davis is full of crap, because no grown man would say he "adores" horses, not even a cowboy. Not even a gay cowboy. Not even Carson from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and he's an equestrian. Meredith realizes that Tru has trained Davis on what to say. She insists that she prefers guys to be themselves. She wants to LOVE THEM FOR WHO THEY ARE. Davis says he can be himself. He asks Meredith if she's a Lord of the Rings fan. She still isn't. Oh, well. At least it will spare Tru the problem later of having to explain to Davis why she failed to mention that Meredith also likes sticking a certain top Colombian export up her nose.

Tru drives up to George Elkins's house in Harrison's car. At least we're spared another scene of her asking to borrow it. She finds Jake sitting on the doorstep to the Elkins house. She asks him if he's okay. He says, "She's gone. They left." Then he realizes Tru is the nurse from earlier, and starts getting nervous and looks around. Tru says that it's safe -- she's alone. She tells him he needs to go back to the hospital or he might die. Jake says he could die even with the surgery, and he's not going to go back until he finds Bridget. And apparently his master plan is to wait for her to spontaneously move back into this house, because that's the only explanation why he's been sitting on this doorstep for a couple of hours now. God, it's just so stupid. Rather then finding some way to get Jake to go back to the hospital, she plops down next to him to get his life story. Jake was in the military. Bridget was a senior in high school. They were in lurrrrve. They had forty-eight hours of fun before he got deployed. Then one day he gets a "Dear John" telegram (because Afghanistan is located in the 1940s) dumping him. He tried to call her, but the number was changed. He wrote her, but the letters came back. Tru wants to know why Jake still wants to see Bridget again after the awful treatment. He blathers on about how he can't forget some of the awful things he's seen in the war, but for some unknown reason, he can't remember what Bridget's face looks like. And he doesn't want to (possibly) die without seeing her again. All he has left is his little newspaper clipping, which he shows Tru again. The music insists to us that this man's stupidity is very sad. It is, but not in the way they're thinking. Jake says that he can't find her, so his mission's a failure. Tru doesn't take this opportunity to point out that, because he doesn't know where Bridget is, there's no reason why he should forego the surgery, which could give him the opportunity to live to find her another day. Instead, she enables his tragic-romantic complex by offering to help him, in exchange for a promise to go back to the hospital afterward. He agrees, but explains that the house is empty except for some light bulbs and old magazines. Suddenly, Tru's brain switches back on at the reference to old magazines.

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Tru Calling




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