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Soldier of Misfortune

Commercials. Thirty-minute recap of despair. Sucky dad. Stupid GI. Bad dialogue. Sentence fragments.

When we return, Tru and Jake's doctor are walking down the hallway. The doctor is giving Tru the whole history of Jake's problems. And why not? I mean, if nurses are diagnosing illnesses here, maybe he's getting a surgical consult from her. Maybe the reason they didn't try to resuscitate Jake yestertoday is because all the doctors thought the nurses would do it. So after Jake was wounded overseas, they removed the bullet and sent him home. Two weeks ago, they found a bullet fragment in his leg. They tried to remove it, but he started hemorrhaging, and they stopped. They were just going to leave it, but a CAT scan determined that an embolism had formed. If the embolism ruptures, he'll die immediately. I don't care to try to research enough to determine whether or not any of this can actually happen. Doctor Exposition hopes the MPs will find Jake before the embolism ruptures, so a team of nurses can perform an emergency surgery.

Back at the morgue, Tru and Davis get their revenge on the Tunnel of Trepidation by filling it up with boring exposition as they walk through. Tru doesn't understand why she's supposed to save some guy who might die at the end of the day anyway. Well, it's not like this is the first time she had to deal with the stubborn, fatal stupidity of her charges. Davis tells us all the warning signs of an approaching rupture so we can all keep an eye out for them. Tru says that there's no "guarantee" that he'll even survive the surgery, which is a lackluster attempt to explain Jake's exceedingly dumb behavior. As they head into the examining room, Davis reminds us all that Jake said he had something to do. They try to figure out what a man might want to run out and do before he possibly dies. Tru hits on the idea that he might want to say goodbye to somebody. Then she says Jake has no family, prompting The Powers That Prod -- that's what I'm calling whatever entity responsible for Tru's flashbacks for the stupid -- to remind her about the newspaper clipping about Bridget's graduation. Davis consults a site called "Metropolitan People Search," which we can see is just a regular city portal Web site, so they aren't using the computer's magic megadatabase this time. He can't find Bridget, but he does find somebody named George with the same last name. Davis speculates that he could be Bridget's father.

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Tru Calling




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