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Soldier of Misfortune

Cut to Tru at the hospital. She wanders up to the MP at the desk (the one who didn't shoot the gun) to ask for Jake. The MP has to look up Jake's room, even though he seemed pretty familiar with where Jake was supposed to be yestertoday. Tru heads down to the room and sees Jake sitting there on the bed, looking blankly forlorn. A nurse exits the room, and Tru asks if she can see Jake. The nurse tells her visiting hours don't start until noon. We get a flashback for the stupid that Jake died at 10 AM, so Tru can't wait. Tru tries to talk her way past the nurse, but fails. Tru walks off, passing by Jake's doctor, who enters Jake's room so they can replay their little scene.

Out in the hall, Tru spots a nurses' lounge and "sneaks" in, despite the fact that she's surrounded by medical and military personnel. And she comes out wearing a nurse's uniform. I just had an idea for a television show for Discovery or The Learning Channel. You know how they have shows like Mythbusters to prove whether or not urban legends can actually happen? Somebody should put together a show where people try to do some of the things that they get away with on television dramas to see what will happen. Can somebody actually get away with disguising herself a nurse and wandering around a hospital at will? Have they got a show like that already? Tru starts heading down the hall, hoping her cover holds.

Meanwhile, Jake and the other nurse are reliving the scene where he puts on his uniform and blankly ignores her.

Out in the hallway, Tru sees Jake coming and starts to head toward him. She's stopped by a really bad actor playing a nurse. She's got some guy with a sore leg, and she wants a second opinion about what to do from another nurse. The hell? Since when are nurses prescribing treatments? The man whines that he wants to see the doctor, as you do when you come to the hospital. Tru blathers on some explanation about something about a problem being related to smoking, but my intelligence is too insulted to even care.

Meanwhile, Jake has made it down to the MP, and their confrontation is about to begin. Jake pulls out the MPs gun, and Tru shouts, "No!" and goes running down the hallway to him. She begs Jake to put down the gun, as does the MP. This time, Tru notices the second MP out of the corner of her eye as he takes aim at Jake and shouts, "No, don't!" The second MP doesn't shoot this time, and Jake grabs Tru around the neck and takes her hostage as he backs down a hallway. He makes it outside, apologizes to Tru, and tells her he'll be back as soon as he can. He drops the gun, runs across the street, and steals a military truck. The MPs run out and ask her if she's fine before running after Jake. Tru says, "I'm fine. And so is Jake." Jake's doctor, who has come out behind her says, "I wouldn't say that." Tru asks why. The doctor says, "If we don't find him soon, the next time you see him, he'll be dead."

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Tru Calling




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