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So it seems the Tunnel of Trepidation wants its reputation back. As Tru is pushing the body down toward the morgue, the Tunnel somehow causes a wheel of the gurney to get stuck in a tile. The Tunnel's all, "Who's scary now, bitch? Huh? Huh? Here, let me pipe in the portentous music!" Tru bends down to figure out what's wrong with the gurney. When she starts to get back up, Jake turns his head and whispers, "I neeeed you," prompting the flashback montage taking us back to morning. She wakes up to her hellspawn dad leaving a message on her answering machine. She looks confused. Again. Still. Jesus.

Commercials. I love Arrested Development so much, I wish I could marry it.

When we return, Tru is walking down some street while canceling her breakfast with Harrison over the phone. For some reason, Harrison seems to forget they have breakfast together practically every morning, and whines about having to get up early for no reason. He tells Tru about the call from the nasty dadster. Tru says that none of them will ever be good enough for him. Harrison insists that he stopped trying to please Satan years ago, but Tru interrupts him to tell him that employers like things like résumés and people who dress nice and know what the business does. You know, this sounds so stupid and unnecessary, but if you've ever been in the position to interview people for jobs, you'll discover that there are a lot of Harrisons out there. It's truly sad. Tru also tells Harrison to make sure Meredith doesn't stop by the morgue today. Harrison agrees as Meredith plops down in the booth to join him. After he hangs up, Harrison tells Meredith that Tru can't make it for breakfast. Meredith says, "No surprise there," because apparently now they've suddenly had meals enough together that Tru has shown a trend of canceling, even though they…oh, just never mind. God. Stupid show. Harrison repeats Tru's directive that Meredith not go to the morgue. Meredith's all, "Ew! Morgue? Ew!"

Tru then calls Luc to continue their pointless subplot. This is getting The Pointless Subplot of the Week Award, which I started just now. It will go to the subplot in any given episode that contributes nothing to the show and simply serves to take up space. Like the tragic death of the dark-green vase. And Lindsay's off-screen sexcapades. Tru tells Luc about the train derailment. He wants to rent a car to get home, but she's afraid of him getting lost, and tells him that there's a bus leaving in half an hour that will bring him back to The City. Wow, that's subtle and not at all suspicious. Luc finds it a little odd that she knows that. She says she just wants to make sure he has the proper directions. Luc says, "Why do I have the feeling you're going to tell me what they are?" Because she already did, you idiot.

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Tru Calling




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