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Soldier of Misfortune

Cut back to the morgue, where Tru starts the scene by repeating back to Davis what he just told her about getting ditched by Meredith. Drink! It turns out the hot bailiff has a motorcycle, too, and they rode off together. Tru apologizes for Meredith's behavior. Davis says it's not the first time it's happened, "just the quickest." Yes, well, I would never ditch somebody in the middle of a date, but has Davis perhaps tried not talking about dead bodies? It's not like he doesn't bear some responsibility for these dates not ending well. But rather than learning some social skills, Davis just whines that he could never get a hot chick like Meredith. ["Which, good, because she's a rude-ass, but whatever." -- Sars]

Davis simpers his way out of the office as the phone rings. Tru answers the phone, and it's Luc. It seems that Luc has rented a car and got himself a bit lost. Actually very lost, because Davis just got back from lunch, and yet it's NIGHT where Luc is. He must have accidentally driven to England. He says he doesn't think he'll be back before dawn. He promises they'll have their "night" together soon, whatever that means. Since they haven't actually established either of their work schedules, we can't possibly understand why they're having problems finding time for each other.

Their conversation ends as Marco 2.0 wheels in a body. It's Jake, here to finally start the plot. Marco 2.0 unzips the body bag to reveal that Jake is still in his uniform. Nobody even fucking tried to save him. IN A HOSPITAL! God. Marco 2.0 exposits that Jake just returned recently from a tour in the Middle East. Marco 2.0 explains how Jake was shot, and says his time of death was at 10 AM. He mentions a "slight jurisdiction problem" to explain why it took so long to get the body here -- or at all, for that matter, since a military hospital probably has its own morgue. This is a really minor blip that I would easily overlook in a show that wasn't so awful in all other areas. Sometimes you just have to make allowances for the plot. Davis picks up the exposition, reading from some chart that Jake had been shot in thigh during a conflict. The bullet was removed and he was given a clean bill of health. Of course, we'll find out later that this isn't true at all, though there's no explanation as to why they gave the morgue old, incorrect information. I mean, the folks at the hospital know why the confrontation took place. This is one of the many reasons why this show is so bad. They want to reveal the details slowly to add more "dramatic" "impact," and they're willing to sacrifice common sense to do so. Marco 2.0 says a doctor told him Jake saved a group of fellow soldiers in Afghanistan. He also has no family. Tru asks if there's any more information. Even though Marco 2.0 and Davis have just spent five minutes reciting Jake's life story, Marco 2.0 thinks Tru's question is odd, and asks if she's rewriting Jake's biography. Oh, he says that stupid line so that Davis can mutter "maybe rewriting it" under his breath. Yes, we understand the premise of the show. That's not the problem. The problem is that the show sucks. Tru pulls out a newspaper clipping from somewhere on Jake's uniform, showing a posed shot of some graduates from 2002, featuring valedictorian Bridget Elkins. Davis asks Tru to take the body over to one of the examining areas so he can perform the autopsy later.

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Tru Calling




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