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Back at Standard Diner, Harrison pays for breakfast with the money he's got from that job he doesn't have. While he's up there, he sees a newspaper open to the job listings at the register. Well, somebody working at the diner has higher ambitions, I guess. He notices an ad calling for a "sales associate." On freeze-frame, I can make out references to real estate sales. Don't you have to train to do that?

Cut to Harrison at some office, blowing the interview, because he's missing key chromosomes. He didn't bring a résumé. He doesn't have any experience. He's not dressed appropriately. He's not nearly rakish enough. The interviewer isn't impressed. He's an idiot.

Cut to the morgue, where it's THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY, and yet Tru is working. Sigh. Meredith stops by unexpectedly for a visit. Tru is surprised. Meredith makes some vague comment about them "getting along today" to justify the sudden shift in their relationship. Meredith's there to explain the scene we just saw to Tru about Harrison's interview. Oh, and to bug Tru about calling Horrible Dad back. Tru wants to know why she should call him at all. We find out through awkward exposition that Tru's dad lives in Connecticut with his new wife. Meredith points out that he's still their father. Yes, but you hate him, so ignore him. Jeez. Maybe I'm just too independent-minded, but I can never relate to conflicts that revolve around people trying to win the love and acceptance of relatives who treat them like shit. Meredith's also here to pick up a subplot. A subplot named Davis. She sees him wandering around and thinks he's cute. And he's a doctor. He comes over to tell Tru that he's heading out to lunch so Meredith can introduce herself to him. Suddenly, he's suave for just a moment so he can say he didn't know Tru had a "younger" sister. Meredith tells him she's actually older. Davis says he's shocked, because her "epidermal layer is flawless." Man, you don't know how sick I am of guys using that line on me in bars. That and, "Do you accept orders?" Meredith invites herself to lunch with Davis. Davis looks surprised.

Cut back to Standard Diner (they've blown their budget for sets on quality writing, I'm sure), where Davis is, of course, horrifying Meredith with gross autopsy stories. Meredith asks him if there's anything else they can talk about. He asks her if she's a Lord of the Rings fan. She's not. Davis, stupidly, wants to get back to the autopsy story. I guess one of the other big secrets in this show is that Davis was actually raised by a machine and didn't ever interact with anybody outside the morgue until about a year ago. Just then, a really hot model guy walks in, whom Meredith identifies as a bailiff from somebody's court. Do bailiffs come in "hot"? A Google search of "hot bailiff" gets only two sad matches. They don't even inspire internet porn scenarios, the poor things. Meredith unceremoniously ditches Davis to chat up the hot bailiff. Beeeyotch. And I guess this means she's probably a lawyer.

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Tru Calling




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