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Stupid opening credits. My latest escalating bribe to FOX to cancel this show: If you cancel Tru Calling, I'll buy Cheaper by the Dozen when it comes out on DVD. I won't watch it, mind you, but I'll still buy it.

When we return from commercials, it's the next morning, so the teaser was another time shift fake-out. Tru is awakened this time by her answering machine taking a call. It's her dad! Her evil, awful, absentee, inconsiderate dad! He says he knows it's been a while, but he wanted to talk to her. He says Tru knows where to reach him and hangs up. Eliza Dushku smells a fart.

We cut to Standard Diner, where Meredith "Stars and Stripes Forever -- Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge" Davies has inexplicably joined Tru and Harrison "Battle Hymn of the Reprobate" Davis for breakfast. I mean, it's not like the relationship between these siblings drives what little this show has by way of characterization or anything. Just because they made a big deal in the pilot that Meredith hardly gets together with them, that doesn't mean they actually have to show whatever changes have brought Meredith back into the fold. Who wants to see that when we can have flashbacks every five minutes? Anyway, turns out that nastiest dad in the whole wide world (besides Lionel) called up Meredith and Harrison as well. Harrison points out that he calls once every five years. Which means he's called, like, once, unless the three of them were raised by wolves. That would explain a lot. Anyway, vicious Nazi dad asked Harrison if he had a job yet and Meredith if she had a husband yet. The answer to both, of course, is no. They want to know what he said to Tru, but she hasn't called him back yet. Harrison whines that Dad hasn't talked to them in ages, yet all he wants to do is criticize. Well, I've never talked to you at all, Harrison, but get a damned job! Or at least have the sense to feel a little bit of shame over not having one. They all speculate that Dad will criticize Tru for working in the morgue and not being a doctor yet (at the tender age of twenty-two). But at least she has a job and a boyfriend, Harrison and Meredith say.

Tru walks down a sidewalk of The City while it rains, talking to Luc on a cell phone. Luc is wearing a tacky gray shirt that has "ARMY" written on it inside a big peace symbol. I'm not exactly sure what this mixed message means -- is it a anti-war "peace overcomes violence" message, or a pro-military "peace through strength" message? Also, they really shouldn't dress Luc like Ryan Seacrest if he's going to be so boring. People with no personalities wear clothes with no personality. Anyway, Luc is in Rochester (New York, perhaps?), visiting his grandmother. He wants to come back, but a train derailment has shut down all the lines across the Eastern seaboard. Pointless Subplot Alert! Pointless Subplot Alert! Luc promises to find another way to get back to The City so he and Tru can be boring together instead of boring separately.

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