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Soldier of Misfortune

Tru calls up her own evil dad at home, getting his answering machine. She leaves a rambling message, telling him that she's doing well and she's got a job where she helps people. "Sometimes they even help me," she says, causing schmaltz to spray out of the television and hit me in the eye. Schmaltz burns more than you'd think it would. Tru blathers on that she knows how hard it is for two people to find each other in this world, especially when one of them doesn't want to be found (she's talking about Dad here, I assume). So she wants to let him know that he doesn't need to try to find her anymore, because she doesn't think she's lost. Eh? What? I thought the point was that Dad wasn't even trying to find her and be part of her life. But never mind! It doesn't have to make sense as long as it sounds kind of wise and you have a melancholy song playing in the background, even if the song is actually about a drug overdose suicide. She hangs up and joins a snoozing Luc on the couch. He wakes up, and they nuzzle with absolutely no chemistry. He apologizes for nodding off, saying it's been a long day. "Tell me about it," Tru concludes. Please don't. Thank you.

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Tru Calling




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