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Tru heads back into the room to watch as Jake marvels over Bridget, and truly awful, schmaltzy synthesizer music plays in the background like we've all wandered into an unexpectedly sappy moment in Meatballs II. Bridget introduces Phillip to Jake. The actor playing Jake finally shows some chops when Bridget places Phillip on his lap so Jake can touch him. The baby laughs when Jake caresses his face. Aw. See, that's the good schmaltz. No talking. No explaining how this is all tragic and happy at the same time. Just let the moment speak for itself. This is the scene that kept me from giving the episode a "D" or an "F."

Out in the hallway, Jake lies on a gurney and wonders how it all went wrong: "Were we too proud? Too stupid?" I cast my vote for "stupid." As Jake is wheeled off to surgery, he tells Bridget that no matter what happens, he wants her to have a good life. He wants Bridget to get married, so Phillip will have a father (despite the fact that we've established that dads are the source of all evil) and not grow up all fruity or druggy or whatever stupid people think happens to kids without dads. Bridget insists that Phillip has a daddy. Jake insists that Bridget go have herself a good, happy life. Jake's wheeled through some doors. Bridget asks the doctors to take good care of him. They tell her not to worry -- their nurses are the best surgeons in The City. Okay, maybe they don't say that.

And so Jake dies. The doctor finds Bridget and Tru in the waiting room to tell them he didn't make it. Bridget cries and Tru comforts her.

Back at the morgue, Tru is making Jake's death all about her while talking to Davis. She failed. He died. It wasn't like she could have performed the surgery or something. Davis theorizes that actually Jake's "time was up," meaning that he didn't really DIE BEFORE HIS TIME, and the reason he asked for help was to find Bridget, not necessarily for a second chance to live. He thinks that perhaps Tru was meant to "save" Bridget, not Jake. Though from what, I don't know. She's in a community college, not an internment camp. Those credits will transfer, you know. He says that Tru's actions allowed Bridget to say goodbye to Jake, which in no way, shape, or form is "saving" her. Tru says that this work of hers is so confusing at times. Well, yes, it must be complicated having to dodge all those gaping plot holes.

Oh, I had blocked this out. I had totally blocked this out. Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" starts to play as Tru returns to her apartment. "Angel" is up there with "American Woman," "Born in the U.S.A.," and "Fortunate Son" as songs people use without actually knowing what they're about. She walks in and finds Luc there, his pointless subplot having pointlessly ended off-screen. She gives him a hug. He asks if she's okay. She says she is, but tells him to relax while she does one last chore.

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Tru Calling




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