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Tru heads back to the hospital, where she finds Jake sleeping. She asks how he's feeling. He says that as soon as he's stable, they're taking him to surgery. Tru apologizes, because she wasn't able to get Bridget to come. Jake says that's okay, because she tried. Tru whines that he failed, and then the guy WHO IS LYING ON HIS DEATHBED HERE needs to cheer her up. God. He points out that because of Tru, he knows where Bridget lives and that she's in college, so Tru really helped him out.

We cut to the Elkins home, where Bridget wanders into the kitchen to join Dad after putting Phillip to sleep. She tells Dad about her encounter with Tru and mentions the break-up telegram that was allegedly sent. Evil Dad II: The Evil Continues brushes this off, saying there are a lot of weird people out there. Bridget asks Evil Dad II if he sent the telegram, and tells him that Jake is sick and may die. His "response" is that Bridget had her whole future ahead of her and could have gone to Princeton or Stanford. And so the wise thing to do is to cut her off from additional financial and emotional support and actually make it harder for her to reach these goals. Great plan there, Evil Dad II. They argue about all this. It's so goddamned stupid. Yeah, I think perhaps Princeton might have been out of reach with the baby, but there's, like, a whole spectrum of college offerings between "doctorate in law" and "associates in arts" and this show NEVER MAKES ANY SENSE. Bridget cries and says some comment about Jake LOVING HER FOR WHO SHE IS. Evil Dad II is unrepentant.

Back at the hospital, Tru and Jake blather about what might have been if he had never joined the Army, to beat us over the head over the fact that Tru goes back and changes what happens. Tru starts to tell Jake that he has a son, but wimps out, because it will be more dramatic when Bridget shows up at the end.

Hey, let's break the flow of the drama, as poorly written as it is, with a pointless resolution of a pointless subplot. Tru's cell phone rings, and she heads out in the hall. It's Harrison, calling from the Standard Café to tell Tru he got the job. And then he turned it down. He said, "Screw the guy if he can't LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM." Okay, your employment status is not a personality trait. "Unemployed" is a situation, not an avocation. Unless you're stinking rich. Are we supposed to applaud for the lazy, womanizing, gambling addict who refuses to earn his own keep just because his daddy was mean to him? God. Tru looks annoyed as Harrison hangs up, so maybe we're not supposed to be on his side here. Also, as they're talking, Bridget and Phillip wander down and into Jake's room.

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Tru Calling




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