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Commercials. We return to The City Junior College. Tru wanders into some large lecture room where each desk has a computer. Wow, community colleges may get a bad rep, but this one appears to be rolling in dough. The room is empty except for some guy with a forehead the size of a bowling ball. Tru asks him about Bridget. Apparently this guy knows Bridget's whole life story, because everybody's family at The City Junior College. He asks if Bridget's in some sort of trouble. Tru tells him that Grandma fell down in the tub again, and Bridget's dad asked her to come tell her. Associate Professor Fivehead tells Tru that she'll probably find Bridget with Phillip in the Metzler Building. Fivehead plays up the fact that Bridget and Phillip are quite the "campus couple" in order to serve the reveal in the next scene. Associate Professor Fivehead has quite a flair for the dramatic.

We cut to the Metzler building, where Tru rushes in to find -- a child care facility. See, li'l Phillip is Bridget's son, not her new boyfriend. Wasn't that just so clever? Tru finds Bridget picking up Phillip to head home. You can tell that Phillip is Jake's son, what with the completely blank expression on his face. At least he has the excuse of being a baby. Tru introduces herself to Bridget and compliments Phillip, saying he looks just like his father. See? Bridget's all "Whaaaa? How did you know that?" Tru tells Bridget that Jake needs to see her urgently. Bridget says she hasn't heard from Jake for a year and a half. Tru tells her Jake may not live to see the end of the day.

Cut to Bridget's car, where Bridget is confused as she loads the baby in the car seat and packs up the stroller. She hasn't heard from Jake in eighteen months, and then suddenly Tru is there claiming he needs to see her. Tru says that Jake doesn't even know about the baby, which Bridget takes as some sort of an accusation. Tru insists that it's not. Bridget exposits that she found out she was pregnant the day after Jake deployed. Did they get bizz-ay two days before he shipped out? Anyway, Bridget claims that she tried to send a message to Jake, and he didn't respond. Since he hasn't tried to contact her, she figured he didn't care. And I guess she didn't care about child support either, or anything like that. And, of course, since she's a single mom, she has no choice but to go to a "junior" college with all the poor kids and retirees taking Tai Chi classes. God, this show. It's worth pointing out that Jon Harmon Feldman was also involved with American Dreams, where some of these scenes would actually make sense. Tru points out that Bridget sent a telegram to Jake, dumping him. Bridget doesn't know what Tru's talking about, and insists she did no such thing. Bridget insists that she's over Jake. Oh, Gaaaaaahd. Tru brings up her Mom, who DIED BEFORE HER TIME. Joey Potter had more restraint in playing the "Dead Mom" card. She whines that not a day goes by that she doesn't wish she could see Mom one last time. Bridget however, has a chance to possibly say goodbye. Oh, sweet Jesus. I just realized that this is "Downtown Crossing," the worst episode of Dawson's Creek ever. Except that Jake isn't a drug-dealing mugger who gets hit by a car and then dies while singing "Close to You." Bridget says that she can't go see Jake, because she lost him once and can't lose him again. Ugh, that's one of those things that only characters on television say. Bridget gets in her car and drives away.

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