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Tru heads up to the door of the house and knocks. A middle-aged man answers, presumably George, Bridget's dad. Tru asks if Bridget is home. She's not. When will she back? George wonders who this woman is who hasn't even introduced herself. Tru pretends that she's an old friend of Bridget's from high school. In a slightly amusing moment, George pretends that he remembers who Tru is. I've done that. This is also a trick cold-calling salesmen do to businesses, which I discovered when one contacted me in the office and pretended that we met at a conference in order to try to sell me some floor cleaner. He didn't count on the fact that I don't really attend many conferences, and certainly not any where janitorial equipment are part of any discussion at all. But for Tru, it works. George invites her in and asks her what's so urgent. Tru lies that she's only in town for a few hours and has to head back to the airport soon. She was hoping to see Bridget before she has to go. George explains that Bridget's at school right now. Tru says she can stop by and visit if he'll tell her where to go. George says Bridget will be back from "junior college" in a few hours. Who the hell still calls them "junior colleges" these days? Tru is confused by this, as Bridget was class valedictorian. Well, grade inflation, don't you know.

Before we get an answer to this so very important question, we hear the squeal of tires outside. The Army has somehow tracked Jake down. No, really. He's in Tru's car at a house with an address that is apparently unlisted, and they don't even know about his relationship with Bridget anyway, and yet they still tracked him down. I bet The Powers That Prod are kicking themselves for not giving their magic powers to one of these MPs. George looks out the window and sees one of the MPs dragging Jake out of the car to take him back to the hospital. George is pissed and wants to know who Tru really is. She says that Jake really needs to see Bridget. He orders Tru to leave. And of course, because she's such a DAMNED IDIOT, she doesn't tell George that Jake is dying, because…well…we've still got fifteen minutes, so we can't wrap up the conflict yet. Instead she goes outside and tells Jake that she knows where Bridget is, and she'll bring her to see Jake at the hospital. Jake coughs up a tiny amount of blood to indicate he's dying, like he's Satine in Moulin Rouge. After he's forced into the back of a military Humvee, Tru promises Jake he'll bring Bridget to him. Jake realizes he doesn't even know Tru's name. Tru tells him. Jake says that Tru's not really a nurse. He thinks she's some sort of an angel. God, no. Like I need to be reminded that I'm recapping essentially a rip-off of Touched By An Angel, but somehow even worse.

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Tru Calling




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