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Suddenly we're listening to a recording of a 911 call Sarah made, accusing Andrew of abusing her. We're listening to this, along with Tru, in Meredith's office on her computer. See, we have to listen to Sarah explain what "self-defense" means, yet nobody can explain what the hell Meredith does for a living and how she gets access to this stuff. On the tape, Sarah tells an operator that Andrew beat her up and drove off after threatening to kill her. Then it sounds like Andrew has returned and is attacking her again, and then the tape stops. Meredith says a friend of hers in the DA's office helped her track it down from a year ago. So she's not in the DA's office. Is she perhaps a public defender? No, the building's too nice. And she wouldn't be able to afford a drug habit. Based on the 911 call, Tru thinks that Andrew was lying to her earlier. When the police showed up, Andrew was gone. The police put out a warrant, but then Sarah went back the next day to make sure no charges were filed. Sigh. The victims don't decide whether or not the DA presses charges. Oh, never mind. Tru asks why she didn't want charges pressed. Meredith responds, "Classic battered women's syndrome. See it all the time." Maybe she's a social worker? No, that doesn't fit either. Tru thanks Meredith for her help.

Ah, the empty alleyways of The City. Suitable for sprinting, or in this case, illegal weapons shopping. A man in a van is showing off his wares. And by that I mean guns. No, real guns. To Harrison and Sarah. They're all but ten yards from the street here, but nobody will see them. God. Okay. They spend, like, ten minutes explaining gun technology that is totally unnecessary to this story. It's unbelievable. If they had cut out all this unnecessary crap, there would have been time to actually cast Lindsay's beau and actually show their scenes. I'm going to skip all this crap. Harrison picks out a nine millimeter handgun. Sarah freaks out about it all, and spits out some vague statistic about guns being used against their owners, like in a Lifetime movie. Harrison offers to carry the gun for her. See, that way, if Andrew comes, all she has to do is call him and he'll come over. If she's still alive, he can protect her. If she's dead, he can avenge her murder. It's perfect!

Out near some bagel shop, Tru calls somebody on her cell phone and says, "I know you don't want to talk to me right now, but I need you to listen." Why, she could be calling anybody on this show. Or possibly her agent.

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