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Commercials. We get another recap of the first half of the episode. If you're just tuning in now, I hate and envy you.

Tru heads back to Andrew's boat and sneaks aboard. She searches around, and Andrew catches her just as she finds a camera with a great big lens. She says she has some questions for Andrew. Andrew says she better ask quickly, because he's calling the police. He thinks Sarah is paying Tru to dig up dirt to "force [his] hand" in granting her a divorce. Again, why would she need to? Which state is it that the man can prevent a divorce? Did Tru perhaps go back in time to the '50s? I know a divorce can be contested by one side, but this is just ridiculous. And yet I'm still giving the episode a "B-." As Andrew calls 911 on his cell, he blathers that he and Sarah have been playing this "game" for some time. Trying to stop him from calling in the cops, Tru insists that she's there to help Andrew, not Sarah. He wants to know what she'll help him with. She responds that she'll help him see tomorrow. He hangs up the phone and asks her if that's a threat. Because you'll want to disconnect from 911 if you think a burglar in your home is threatening to kill you. Yeah, Andrew deserves to die, too. Just cut 'em loose, Tru. There's "innocent" and then there's "too stupid to live." She says she's not threatening him. She wants to know why he's having Sarah followed. He reacts in disbelief. He's not having her followed. Tru asks him why won't he grant her a divorce. Because she married him for the money, Andrew explains. If they get divorced, she gets half. Oh, I wasn't aware that this was a valid reason in the courts for refusing to allow a divorce. They're called pre-nups, dude. Marry in haste, repent in leisure. Okay, fine. I just dropped the grade down to "C+." Clearly my spleen has been so overused that it's not thinking clearly. Andrew realizes that Sarah's trying to turn people against him to make him look awful. He insists he's never abused Sarah or any other woman. He orders Tru to leave before he changes his mind.

Cut to Andrew, beating on the front door to Sarah's house, without success. That certainly looks like it could be suspicious and is therefore entirely innocent, doesn't it?

Cut to a tearful Sarah, meeting with Harrison. She says Andrew showed up at her house "out of control." Harrison asks if he hit her. She says he didn't, but he threatened her. She says Andrew threatened to kill her because he hates Harrison. Harrison asks what he did to make Andrew hate him. Sarah responds, "You made me fall in love with you." Gah! This is a Lifetime movie. Where's Markie Post? She suggests breaking up for their mutual safety, but then realizes she'll be giving Andrew exactly what he wants. She worries that he'll come over again, and she'll be helpless to protect herself. Harrison suggests maybe she shouldn't be helpless. She asks if he means she should take self-defense classes or buy a gun. Of course that's what he means! How brain-damaged are these people? Harrison tells her he "knows a guy." Oh, one of them. He can set her up with a gun.

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Tru Calling




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