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Cut to Tru at the harbor or piers or whatever, taking pictures of a fancy boat. Eventually, we see Andrew pop out of the…door or hatch or whatever. Sorry, I don't do boat terms. He asks Tru if she needs help. She pretends that she didn't know he was there, and lies that she's putting together a book about the harbor and was just taking pictures. She blathers on long enough for Andrew to recognize the fact that she's hot, so he invites her inside.

Inside, Andrew tries to get her liquored up as he asks her about the book. Tru wonders if he really cares about the book. I can't imagine anybody caring about a book about your harbor. He admits that he doesn't care. Tru notes a picture of Andrew with Sarah, and comments on it. Andrew explains that she's his wife. Tru brings up divorce. Turns out they're not divorced -- just separated. So when Marco 2.0 said they were divorced yestertoday, it was for the sole purpose of not giving away this plot "twist." You know, there are ways to keep these twists secret without violating your own continuity. Marco 2.0 probably didn't have to explain the relationship at all for us to draw our own conclusions, and then you avoid these stupid mistakes. Anyway, Andrew and Sarah are not in fact exes.

Tru is back to walking everywhere again. She's among the teeming masses on the sidewalks of The City when her phone rings. It's poor Lindsay, who has been abandoned by Tru, along with the rules of good storytelling and characterization. She's sitting alone in the café, hoping that if she wishes hard enough, she'll become a character on Sex and the City. Tru says they'll talk later, but encourages her to resist the "three date" rule, claiming that it was invented by men to get women into bed. No, I believe that's the "one date" rule, or perhaps even the "let's just get some Chinese take-out and go back to my place" rule. Lindsay hangs up and rolls her eyes.

Cut to Tru meeting with Sarah in her kitchen. She wants to know why Sarah didn't tell Harrison she's still married. Sarah appears to be preparing a salad in a colander. No, I haven't the slightest idea. Does this show even have a director? Sarah non-answers that just because she doesn't have divorce papers, it doesn't mean they have an actual marriage anymore. Tru asks if she knows anybody who would want to hurt Andrew. Sarah says, "People don't hurt Andrew. Andrew hurts them." Let me toss that into my television crime-drama-speak translator: "Me! Me, me, me! Me! I want to kill that bastard!" Sarah tells Tru that she married young and blah blah blah abuse-cakes. Tru doesn't actually understand what she's saying at first. How thick do you have to be that when somebody talking about a troubled relationship and says, "I thought I deserved it," you don't immediately conclude abuse of some sort? Sarah actually has to list a bunch of synonyms for "my husband beats me" for Tru to get it. Man, suddenly I'm in the worst Lifetime movie ever. She says she got the courage to leave Andrew a year ago, and she thought that was the hardest part, but apparently not. Tru asks, "He won't divorce you?" Sarah says no: "Giving up control doesn't really appeal to Andrew." Since when does he have to agree to it? Can't she just go to court and force it? Otherwise all abused wives would be stuck in their relationships forever. Why am I giving this episode a "B-" again? Grade inflation, I guess. It's like giving a bad student a much better grade on a paper because at least all the sentences have subjects and verbs this time. Sarah pulls an envelope out of a kitchen drawer full of photos taken of her with Harrison. She claims Andrew took them. She says she didn't tell Harrison because she didn't want to scare him off. She insists that she loves him. Tru says she loves Harrison, too.

Cut to Tru's apartment. She and Harrison enter in the middle of an argument. Harrison is mad because she went to Sarah's place and hassled her. He says Sarah called her in tears, thinking Tru hated her. Tru insists that she doesn't. She wants to Harrison to trust her. She says she knows what she's doing, but then doubts herself. Good use of "smell the fart" acting there, Eliza. Harrison exposits that she made more sense when she said she was talking to dead people. So Harrison went from totally believing her in the pilot, to being skeptical in the second episode, to deriding her over it in the third. He calls Tru a hypocrite because she slept with Professor Donutface and blah blah blah zzzzzzzz. Nobody cares, nobody cares, nobody cares. We didn't care when it happened, and we're certainly not going to care when it gets spit out after the fact as awkward exposition in an argument. Harrison thinks Tru is jealous of his happiness. He calls her selfish. Whatever. They argue some more. He leaves. If I were Tru, I'd seriously reconsider the idea of saving him. Tough love, Tru! It's not just for Dr. Phil and D.A.R.E.!

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