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And once again, Tru rushes back to the morgue to make sure that Andrew isn't there still. He's not. I know in that if any of us were in Tru's situation, we'd probably check again to be sure because of the supernaturalness of it all, but is there any reason they have to waste limited episode time to show it to us? Look at all the stuff that happens off-screen in these episodes. We don't need to see an empty storage locker yet again. She even pulls the tray out a bit, just in case Andrew's body settled during shipping or whatever. And we get a "helpful" flashback of Andrew's body asking for help not three minutes ago.

Somebody rolls a couple of d10s and out pops Davis, sneaking up behind Tru to point out that she's very early for work. He points out that she's in there a lot for somebody who allegedly doesn't like it there, and repeats that blather from yestertoday that perhaps she "belongs" there. She says she'll let him know in about twelve hours as she strides out.

Tru strides down a sidewalk while bothering Meredith on the cell phone. She tells Meredith that Harrison's in trouble. Meredith points out that Harrison is always in trouble. Tru insists that today is "different." She asks Meredith if she thinks Harrison is capable of murder. Meredith balks at the question, but when pressed for an answer, she thinks he is. Tru pauses and furrows her brow, and then gets mad at Meredith for thinking that he would. As I always tell people, don't ask questions you don't want to hear the answers to. Tru whines at Meredith that she's going to need her help today, "no questions asked." Meredith reluctantly agrees.

Ew. Dido. Again. Tru arrives back at her apartment, late for her "brunch." Harrison and Sarah are waiting there for her. Harrison goes through an effort to explain how he still has the spare key to the apartment. Again, the explanations for the wrong things. That's not the important part of the plot. Tru rushes over and gives him a big hug, making herself look like an idiot. After a quick introduction to Sarah, Tru asks Harrison if they can talk in private. Harrison does that idiotic "anything you want to say, you can say in front of Sarah" thing, like they're already married or something. So Tru tells them she "ran into" Andrew yesterday. Harrison doesn't understand what he means, but Sarah immediately realizes that Tru means her ex-husband, because there's only one Andrew in all of The City. Now Harrison is open for a sidebar.

Tru and Harrison argue in another room. He doesn't want her talking about his girlfriends' exes. She just wants him to stay away from Sarah for the day. He goes on this big rant about how she's always finding things wrong with his girlfriends. This is again one of those things we're supposed to take as faith, even though we've never seen anything of Tru's personality to suggest that she's overprotective. She's a doormat where Harrison is concerned. But fine. She begs Harrison to stay away from Sarah just for the day. He reluctantly relents, which means, of course, that he's practically going to spend the whole day with her.

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