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Back in the office, Marco 2.0 is watching Jeopardy while Tru tries in vain to reach Harrison on his cell. She keeps getting his voicemail. She hangs up, and Marco 2.0 makes Jeopardy-related blather. Then Tru's cell rings. It's Meredith "Betty Ford Cynic" Davies. Tru starts to explain she can't talk because she's trying to reach Harrison. Well, that's why Meredith called. We cut back to the house to see Meredith standing outside while a handcuffed Harrison is loaded into a police car. Meredith explains that Harrison has been arrested, and the charges haven't been filed yet, but she thinks "they" will file "murder one" charges against him for killing his girlfriend's ex-husband. So I guess Meredith is a lawyer of some sort? Does she work for the DA's office? Why would "they" just tell her all this information? Tru makes the connection to the body just brought in. She insists that Harrison couldn't be the killer. Meredith tells her that Harrison's prints were on the gun. Meredith adds that they're "taking him downtown" (I'm sure they only say that on television), and she'll call Tru back when she knows more. Tru takes off her lab coat and asks Marco 2.0 to cover for her. She starts to leave, but then furrows her brow and thinks.

Cut to The Crypt, as Tru slowly enters. The scary tech music in the background is back, so we all know what's going to happen right? She pulls Andrew out of his locker and asks him to ask her for help. Nothing happens. She starts to push him back into the locker, but then he finally turns his head and asks her for help. What a sad attempt at a fake-out. We're twenty minutes into the show and there's one new body in the morgue. If he didn't ask her for help, the whole episode would be ruined. After his declaration, we get the Zoom Wipe Montage of her going back to start the day over.

Yet this still doesn't stop the end table hijinks. Tru is awakened by her cell phone, and knocks the vase off yet again. It's Harrison. She tells Harrison he "needs to listen to [her] and listen carefully." Will he listen? You'll have to wait until after this commercial break. But here's a guess: No.

An American Idol Christmas. See, we all need to suffer a little bit as a reminder of what we all have to be thankful for this holiday season. Tune in November 25 and suffer along. It builds character.

We return back to the conversation. Tru tells Harrison that something "important" is going to happen today. Harrison's responds, "Yeah, you're going to meet Sarah." Oh, here's why his cell phone is dying. Tru can't explain what's going on because the phone's going dead. Of course, he's at home, so why doesn't she call him on his regular phone line? It should work, right? Oh, maybe he's got local service through Verizon.

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