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Cut to a bar, where Tru and Harrison are hanging out. Tru tells Harrison that she liked What's-her-face. Oh, she has a name, finally: Sarah. Even though we haven't seen even a wisp of personality from Sarah, Tru declares the Sarah's "a keeper." ["What is with characters currently or formerly named 'Harrison' having suckwad love interests named Sarah this season? Step off my name, Hollywood." -- Sars] Harrison reminds Tru she has a reputation for being tough on his previous girlfriends. Tru points out that he's brought home some doozies, not even counting his "stripper years." The boy's practically a fetus. How has he had "stripper years"? Don't you have to be a failed CEO in a mid-life crisis to have "stripper years"? Harrison declares that Sarah is "different" from the other girls and he's "better" with her around. We'll just have to take his word for it, seeing as how nobody has bothered to actually show Sarah as being "different" or Harrison being "better." Forget the "show, don't tell" rule. At this point I'd settle for them dumping the "tell, and then tell them again, and then tell them the same thing some more, but don't ever show anything" rule. Then a waiter drops a tray of drinks and everybody cheers. One of those pointless moments that you just know is going to come around again when Tru repeats the day. Harrison spontaneously exposits that Sarah's also divorced and her ex-husband was "a real piece of work." Harrison declares again that Sarah makes him feel all special inside. Then some man elsewhere gets up and drunkenly shouts, "Woooo! I love this girl!" to a woman in his booth like he's in a bad commercial. After he's done, Harrison's cell phone rings. It's Sarah. We don't hear what she's saying, but there's clearly some sort of problem and Harrison has to bug out of there to go help her.

Cut back to Lindsay talking up Tru on the phone while she's at work. Lindsay is sitting on her bed in pink pajamas that should be against the law on women over the age of fourteen, eating ice cream and drowning her sorrows. It turns out she had sex with James, but he was all nervous about it and it didn't go well and he fled soon afterward. Lindsay declares that she's over the "third date" rule. Nobody cares.

Just then, Marco 2.0 arrives to get us back into the plot. He's got a body. It's a man whose body was found in his EX-WIFE'S house with a gunshot wound to the chest. I just had to emphasize the "ex-wife," part because that's the term Marco 2.0 uses, which will become important later. We can all see that it's the same guy Harrison tussled with in the prologue. Marco 2.0 asks Tru to check his wallet so they can put a name to the corpse. She determines that his name is Andrew Webb. Marco 2.0 makes a pointless comment about how Andrew should have invested in a bulletproof vest. It's so random and ridiculous that I wouldn't even have bothered with it if I didn't know how the episode ended. Tru starts putting Andrew's wallet and license in a storage bag, but then notices a picture of Andrew and Sarah together, embracing, among the contents.

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