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After Harrison hangs up, we see that he's got a pretty young woman in bed with him. She's got long black hair and the blank face of somebody who knows she's pretty, so she doesn't have to bother with anything as complex as a personality. She worries about whether or not Tru will like her. Harrison admits that Tru can be tough on his girlfriends. The woman feigns shock that Harrison has had others in his life. He smarms that none of the others have mattered. She points out that this sounds a lot like the line he used to get her in the sack in the first place. But it's no line -- Harrison appears to be totally smitten with this as-yet-unnamed woman. He declares that she may be the one. Whoever she is. She tells him not to jinx it. He asks her if she's superstitious. She says she is about few things, like love. He's surprised at the invocation of love. Dude, you just called her "the one" a few seconds ago. I think they should have given Harrison the drug problem. She gets up to go take a shower, getting fully dressed like we all do before walking twenty feet to the bathroom. Harrison notices a bruise on her upper back. She claims she slipped when she was working out. He starts to ask her if it has something to do with something, but he doesn't get it all out before she insists to him that it doesn't. She kisses him and heads to the shower.

Bleah. Dido. Hate her. And David Boreanaz looks ridiculous in that video. The strains (as in "straining not to vomit") of "White Flag" play as we cut back to Tru's apartment, where she's set up the "brunch" for Harrison and what's-her-face, who are sitting on a sofa in her living room. This "brunch" appears to consist of coffee and croissants. You get more at the "complimentary continental breakfast" at Days Inn. Brunch, schmunch. The two of them share the incredibly cute story of how their relationship started. Harrison picked her up at a diner. The end. I hope Nora Ephron was taking notes for her next movie.

Cut to Tru and Lindsay walking toward an outdoor café with their pointless dialogue and subplot. Tru tells Lindsay that Harrison is in love. Lindsay hates people in love because…well, it doesn't matter. It's all really bad transition talk to Lindsay's little B-plot, which takes place entirely off-screen. And it also doesn't matter in any way, shape, or form. The stuff I just love to recap. They sit down at a table as Tru brings up James, some guy Lindsay has been going out with. Tonight is the third date, and Lindsay has a "third date" rule. And if somebody mentions the phrase "third date" rule and you don't know what it is, you either need to get out more or you're not old enough to read this recap. Nevertheless, they feel the need to clarify to us and to each other that the "third date" rule means that if there's no sex by the third date, there will be no fourth date.

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