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Cut to Harrison "Brother From Another Planet" Davies, breaking into some house by busting open the front door. Bad techno/diva music is playing. It sounds like somebody trying to be Moby, but edgier. And failing. Actually, it's not all that bad. This show just makes me hate everything in it. Harrison pulls out a gun and peers around, nervously wandering through the house. He makes it down a hallway, then is ambushed from behind by a guy wielding a fire poker. I've made a comment like this in a previous show I recapped, but does anybody ever actually use fire pokers to poke at fires? They should have a three-day waiting period on those things. The men fight. The guy looks like a younger, leaner, hotter Tim Matheson. Harrison is hit a couple of times, and his head has open wounds. He wrestles the man down. They punch each other a bit. Harrison drops his gun, but recovers it and points it at the man just as he's about to charge Harrison with the poker. There's a tense stand-off.

Credits. "Free meeeee, before I slip away." Yes, Gail Berman. Free me.

When we return from commercials, the stand-off continues. The music buzzes like bees have learned to play violins. Then we cut back to an establishing shot of the house and hear a gunshot. To me, the shift thoroughly telegraphs that Harrison didn't do it. And why didn't they show the whole stand-off before going to the credits? Wouldn't it have been better that way?

We fade to a black title card declaring "fourteen hours earlier." Oh, they're trying to do what they did last week by showing the end of the day first, but at least they had the presence to inform us this time. Though they still could have shown the whole stand-off before the break. Did they think we were so dumb that if they started the first act with "fourteen hours earlier," we'd all be going, "Fourteen hours earlier than what, dude?" Maybe the writers really do think we all have memories as bad as the characters in this show.

Tru is awakened on this morning by her cell phone ringing. She reaches over to her end table and knocks off a glass vase with a flower in it. Maybe that can be a running gag. She can knock something different off the table each week. It can get more elaborate each week. For Christmas, she can knock off an entire display of those ceramic snow-covered cottages you can buy at discount stores. And then on New Year's, she can knock off a tray of champagne flutes. It's Harrison calling, wanting to know if Tru's still sleeping. Of course she is, since she probably just got to bed about five minutes ago. Harrison's in bed, too, which is weird. He just woke up and he's immediately calling his sister? He wants to make sure they're still on for "brunch" at her place. He called her and woke her up, even though he's not even up yet himself, just to make sure their brunch date is still on? How rude. And can they find a more awkward way to work the exposition in? Harrison observes that the battery is dying on his cell phone, then says goodbye. I'm sure that awkward moment has some relevance later, too.

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