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This time, Sarah is taken away in handcuffs outside. Tru and Harrison are chilling outside the house. Harrison is still a skeptic over the whole "reliving a day" thing. But in the event it really happened, Harrison wants to know whether Tru really thought he killed Andrew yestertoday. Tru answers honestly, "I don't know. Maybe. Probably." Hooray for not wimping out! She asks how Harrison's head is. He says he's okay, but clearly he's not, because he brings up the potential for profit in Tru's power like it's a new idea he didn't bring up last time Tru explained this to him. They lean together, and Harrison rubs his bloody head all into Tru's hair. Awwww.

Tru heads back into the morgue. She chats with nobody Lindsay again on the phone as she walks to the Tunnel of Trepidation. Lindsay is filing her nails this time rather than eating ice cream to show her change in fortune. Lindsay took Tru's advice and decided not to immediately jump into bed with her beau. They "just talked." But then she discovered that James is really boring. So she slept with him to shut him up. And this time it was nice. What, did he have to talk all the nervousness out or something? They're going out for sushi tomorrow night. She thinks he's boring, but he's good in bed, so she's going to keep dating him? Eh, sounds good to me. The boring boyfriends are easy to ignore. She tells Tru that it's a good thing she didn't take her advice. Tru agrees, though she looks a bit confused.

After Tru hangs up with Lindsay, she runs afoul of the Random Davis Generator, and finds him suddenly standing there in the hall. He says she wasn't sure Tru was coming back. Tru says Davis was right about the whole fate thing. She thinks there is a reason she's working at the morgue. Davis says he thought she might come around.

Back in the office, Marco 2.0 is watching Jeopardy again. "Still," rather. Tru supplies the answer to one of the questions -- I mean, the question to one of the answers -- even though yestertoday she had just found out her brother was arrested for murder and was likely not paying close attention to the television, but never mind. Marco 2.0 asks her if the episode is a rerun. She answers, "Not for you," and walks off.

Next week: It looks like a remake of Very Bad Things, so I'm already marking points off.

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