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And now we catch up with the opening teaser of Harrison breaking into a house. Now we know it's Sarah's house he's breaking into. We get to see the whole truth now, though. Andrew is upstairs in a bedroom, fixing Sarah's security system. Apparently she called him and begged for help, and even though these two allegedly hate each other, he came over to help her because…well, because. The reason the faux-Moby music is cranked up so loud is so that Andrew can't hear Harrison beating on the door. So Harrison busts it in, like they show in the teaser, which sets off the security alert upstairs. Andrew thinks somebody just broke in. Sarah urges him to be careful. He heads out into a hallway after telling Sarah to call the police. She pretends that she is, but after he leaves the room, she hangs up the phone.

Harrison starts slowly working his way through the house. Now we see Andrew working through the house in a different direction. Eventually we see the repeat of the confrontation in the hall. Slash, punch, wrestle, knee, slam, point gun. After Harrison gets a bead on Andrew, Sarah comes running out, telling Harrison to kill Andrew before he kills them both. Andrew doesn't do anything normal like drop the poker and say he thought Harrison was an intruder, like anybody with half a brain would do. He just stands there, waiting for nine millimeters of hot death. Harrison, however, refuses to shoot him. Sarah calls him a coward. This doesn't seem to bother Harrison all that much. He says he's not a murderer. So then Sarah grabs the gun out of Harrison's hand and shoots Andrew in the chest. He goes down. Harrison points out that Sarah just killed Andrew. Uh duh. Sarah says, no, Harrison killed Andrew. His blood is in the house because of the fight, and his fingerprints are on the gun. She says she'll just claim to have wrestled the gun away from him. Fortunately we've got shows like C.S.I. to explain that the person who fired the gun would have some sort of detectable residue on his or her hands. The people who write this show might consider watching that show. They might learn a thing or two. She suggests that Harrison plead self-defense as she dials 911 and goes into her familiar weepy act, telling the operator that somebody murdered her husband.

And that's the cue for Andrew to stand up behind her. And Tru to come in from…somewhere. It doesn't matter. Sarah's confused. Andrew explains that he got "the strangest phone call" today. See, when Tru made that "Listen to me!" call earlier, it wasn't to Harrison at all. It was to Andrew, begging him to wear a bulletproof vest. Which he did. I'm sure he just happened to have one around on his boat. Sarah tries to insist to Harrison that she would have protected him. Harrison won't have anything to do with her nonsense and tells her goodbye. Tru ends the scene by telling Sarah, "You should have taken half." She tried, you massive idiot, but Andrew refused to divorce her at all. Jesus. That's where this whole plot came from. Now I know why all the bad exposition starts with, "Don't you remember?" Because they probably don't.

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Tru Calling




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