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Oh, it's Harrison. Or we're supposed to think it's Harrison. Aren't we such clever writers? They meet in the bar where they met yestertoday. She apologizes for doubting Sarah. She knows Andrew is a bad, bad man. However, she tells Harrison he's still in danger. Harrison gets mad at her and starts to leave. She pulls him back and, in the process, discovers he's got the gun tucked into his waist. This inspires Tru flashing back to Meredith saying she thinks Harrison is capable of murder. From this, she concludes that Harrison did indeed pull the trigger, and she warns him that he's going to kill Andrew tonight. This goes over as well as when she told Rebecca that she was going to die in the pilot episode. Harrison wants to know how she knows this. So Tru spills the beans about her special abilities. Of course, she's already shown Harrison her abilities twice, once when she gave him the TEN OF CLUBS that saved him from a beatdown, and once when she told him who would win the Tigers game. In the second episode, she even explained the whole going-back-in-time thing the first trip through the day, but then didn't the second time around. I guess they had to do that or else there would be nothing dramatic about the revelation here. Well, there's still nothing dramatic about it, but there you go. Harrison is still skeptical because…well, because… so Tru predicts when the waiter will spill his drinks and that drunk guy will loudly declare his love of a girl. Harrison is still skeptical. Sigh. He thinks he's being Punk'd. Actually, I would totally believe Ashton Kutcher wrote these scripts. Tru tells her that in a moment his cell phone is going to ring. It's going to be Sarah, claiming she's in trouble, and Harrison is going to go over to her place and end up killing Andrew. Harrison thinks Tru's losing it. Then his cell phone rings. It's Sarah. She needs Harrison. Duh.

Commercials. Dear Domino's: I think there are women out there who love Philly cheese steaks, too. Also, shut up. Also, your pizza tastes like ass.

The Los Angeles FOX affiliate is doing an undercover investigation of "The Lapdance Underground." They're all about public service at FOX.

We return as Harrison heads out of the café. Tru chases him down the sidewalk, begging him not to go. He insists that he must because Sarah needs him. Oh god. This speech. I forgot this speech. Spleen, don't fail me now. Harrison says he's not going to end up like Dad, who apparently "stood by helplessly and watched the woman he loved get murdered." Hey, have either of you ever heard of the police? They take domestic abuse calls very seriously these days. Tru tells Harrison not to make this whole thing about saving Mom. Yeah, that's Tru's issue. Stay off it! Tru gives this speech about how she's lost everybody who mattered to her -- her mom was KILLED BEFORE HER TIME, their dad abandoned them (which makes me wonder who the hell raised the three of them, but never mind), and she lost Meredith to "coke and ambition." Didn't she just help you figure this case out a couple of hours ago? You didn't lose her. And I can only imagine what Lindsay might say if she heard this speech. Well, maybe if she knew how irrelevant she was, she'd find something better to do with her time. Tru says that she can't lose Harrison, because then she'll have "no one left." Poor Meredith and Lindsay. Tru doesn't give a shit about them. Tru insists that if Harrison goes to Sarah's house, she'll lose him and be all alone with absolutely nobody in her life, except for those worthless losers Meredith and Lindsay. Harrison insists that she's not going to lose him, but he has to go help Sarah. He gets into his car, parked conveniently at the curb next to the café, and drives off.

Tru, unfortunately, lacked the presence of mind to ask him to let her come with him as more security or something. So she's stuck trying, and failing, to hail a cab. Her cell rings. It's that nobody Meredith again, calling up to not be there for Tru. She wanted to let Tru know that she came across some more interesting information about Andrew. He was stopped for speeding in California on the day Sarah called 911 to report the abuse. Well, at least we know The City isn't in California. Meredith points out that Sarah was the only one who claimed to have seen Andrew last night. He had "left" before the police arrived. With the help of several flashbacks for the stupid, Tru puts two and two together and realizes that Sarah is setting Harrison up to kill Andrew. She asks Meredith about the community property laws of The State. As Andrew explained earlier, Sarah would get half in a divorce. But if she had somebody kill Andrew and got away with it, she'd get everything. And Harrison would go to jail. They end the call, leaving Meredith to go back to her nonexistence in Tru's life.

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