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Tru "Calling Joss Whedon" Davies wanders down that mysterious hallway between The Crypt and the morgue offices. It will henceforth be known as the Tunnel of Trepidation, because it seems to exist solely for the purpose of being creepy and having a place for Tru to be nervous in. Sure enough, Tru hears a voice mutter, "Help me," and stops to look around in trepidation. Of course, the show just started and the magic words weren't delivered in the requisite hoarse whisper, so we know it's not a dead body. I think somebody put speakers in this hallway just to play creepy music. She nervously heads over to The Crypt, only to find Davis "We Didn't Bother With A Last Name, Because Even We Know The Show Is Doomed" on a ladder, replacing a fluorescent light tube. Maybe I spoke too soon last week. Tru failed to save a firefighter and a light tube. Great going, loser. Davis was asking for help in a completely empty room to change the light. As an extra dose of stupidity, Davis is changing a light tube that appears to be working perfectly fine. Hooray for pointless stage business!

Tru helps him out, and asks Davis if he likes working for the morgue. He says he's worked there eight years and can't imagine doing anything else. Tru points out that doesn't mean he likes the job. Well, if he says that he can't imagine doing anything else, that sort of means he likes it, doesn't it? Or he lacks imagination? Davis worries that Tru's bothered about something. Yeah, all the dead bodies every day. Davis says it gets to him sometimes, but usually he's fine. Tru pointlessly exposits that Lindsay "No Last Name, No Plot, No Point" got a job in public relations. That explains her vacuous smile and lack of personality. Davis makes a dumb joke about them being in "public relations," too. Then he blathers on about fate and how they're all wherever they are for a reason, and sometimes people have a hard time accepting what that reason is. Fate is my archenemy. Fate is just a wimpy excuse for letting things just happen and not taking responsibility for anything. We're fated to be together, so I can just do anything I want and never grow as a person and never deal with my issues and you still have to love me because it's fate! Shut up, fate. On a fundamental level, I think this is why I probably wouldn't enjoy this show even if it were written better. The idea that things are "supposed to" happen a certain way bugs me.

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