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Week Twelve

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Week Twelve

Previously on Tough Enough: Harvard Chris was really concerned about Josh acting immature outside the ring, even though Harvard Chris was the one who came off as a jerk. Al Snow admitted that Josh's smaller stature puts him at a disadvantage in the competition.

House of Pain. Tazz observes the contestants practicing suplexes and chuckles, commenting, "Why do you have to practice? You're great!" It really is amazing how far they have all come over the course of the competition. I hope that, in the finale, they show a montage of all of the remaining contestants as they appeared at first, and how they appear now, so we can really see the improvement. (As a programming note, there is currently a Tough Enough marathon scheduled for Sunday, September 23rd starting at noon, but MTV changes their schedule around all the time, so check your local listings. But if you want to catch up before the finale, it would be a good opportunity.) Al sits the contestants down and reminds them that there are only seven days left in the competition, and that they are constantly being evaluated to determine a winner. In an interview, Josh says that none of them knows exactly what the terms of the evaluation are, so it will be intense. Al explains that he'll be evaluating them all "on a lot of different levels."

First up for evaluation (for the audience -- the contestants don't see these interviews, I'm assuming) is Harvard Chris. Tori points out that his size is an advantage, especially since he's big without being fat (*cough* Big Show *cough*). Al points out that Chris has "a good grasp of the intellectual part." I'm trying to read between the lines here, and I notice that they basically said he's big and smart, but didn't say anything about his wrestling skill or his personality. I think his personality is a big deficit for him -- they don't want to sign yet another wrestler who will be a pain in the locker room (*cough* Shawn Michaels *cough*).

Next up is Josh. Al Snow describes Josh as having a lot of passion and a lot of heart. Tori says that while Josh doesn't have a lot of "heighth [sic]," he has a good sense of what to do in the ring. Could someone pull Tori aside and explain to her that the word is "height"? That there's no "h" on the end of it? Because she said it that way about ten times in this episode, and it bugged me.

Al Snow thinks that Maven has a lot of charisma, and that he has a certain look in the ring. That's all we get to hear about Maven. Are they downplaying him because he's the winner, or setting us up for the fact that he's not going to win? Only time will tell.

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