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Week Ten

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Week Ten

Previously on Tough Enough: Maven's mom had bone marrow cancer, and Maven was worried about her. Josh was in love with his girlfriend, who wasn't entirely supportive of his dream to be a WWF wrestler. Chris-tian botched a lot of moves, putting his opponents' health at risk, and they started referring to him as CK, which stands for "career killer." Okay, that last part never happened previously, but the editors say that it did, so I'm going with it. Greg had to leave the show because of his back injury. Note that only two people have actually been cut from this show -- Darryl and Shadrick. All the rest have left of their own accord. The producers must have been in a bit of a panic, worried that they wouldn't have enough contestants left to complete the show's run.

Casa de Contestants (that's my new name for the house in which they are staying, by the way). Chris-tian is on the phone, explaining to a friend why his fellow contestants have started calling him "CK." Why did they bother showing this in the "previously" segment if they were just going to explain it here? I don't know. Anyway, Chris-tian has dropped a knee on someone's calf, stuck his nose into someone's ribs, and punched someone in the face while going for a body slam -- you get the picture. He keeps botching the moves and hurting his opponents more than himself, and not on purpose. While explaining all of this, Chris-tian doesn't seem all that upset, and his friend on the phone is laughing about it.

In an interview, Harvard Chris explains that, during a match, he was supposed to do a leapfrog over Chris-tian, but Chris-tian messed it up and they ended up butting heads, so Harvard Chris told him off. We see the footage in flashback, and Tazz is there, so I guess the speculation that Tazz was taken off the show for some reason isn't really accurate. We do not, however, get to see Harvard Chris telling Chris-tian off. In an interview, Chris-tian explains that, at first, he was pissed off when everyone called him CK, because he wasn't doing it on purpose, but now he's "kinda relaxed with it. It's kinda cool." He really doesn't seem bothered by the fact that his fellow contestants are all scared to wrestle him. That would really bother me. I would be like Eva in Center Stage, who practiced in the studio after hours, and the teacher that you thought was really mean came by to help her out, so you knew that the teacher really cared. In this scenario, I guess the "mean" teacher would be Tazz, but I already assigned him the Debbie Allen role from Fame. I don't know why I constantly compare this show to movies about dancing.

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