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Week Three

If you want some clues as to who is going to be on the show for a least a little while longer, watch the credits closely. There is definitely footage in there, for some contestants, that we haven't seen yet.

Previously on Tough Enough: Jason talked about his girlfriend, and revealed that they haven't been together very long. Bobbie Jo tells the judges that her biggest goal is to be in Playboy. The entire audience groans. Okay, there were probably a few people who were like, "Woohoo!" Nidia and Chris-tian (so named to differentiate him from both Harvard Chris and the WWF superstar Christian) are close because they went through the whole audition process together. They are? I don't think we've seen that footage before. Greg wasn't even supposed to be in the cast initially, and "that really pisses [him] off." It does? I thought he was glad to get the chance to do the show. Man, the editors are rewriting history a little bit.

There's a working-out montage that seems to focus largely on Maven and Jason, and a commercial at the top of the screen, reminding us to buy the Tough Enough soundtrack. I guess we're supposed to be so impressed with the music accompanying the montage that we will want to own it? I don't think so. It sounds like a poor man's Steve Vai. Darryl tells someone on the phone that being on the show is "a complete ass-kicking." Victoria says that she has cuts and bruises and can barely walk up the stairs. Bobbie Jo tells someone on the phone that "everybody's breaking. Nobody wants to do this." Chris-tian says, "You can see some people starting to crack."

Shadrick voice-overs that Jason is really into it, and Shadrick would like to be more like Jason. We see Jason lifting weights and then drinking something straight from the blender. So, Shadrick wants to have no manners? Tazz says that Jason is all business in the weight room. I think Tazz loves Jason. In an interview, Maven says that you have to respect and be in awe of Jason's physique. Do I have to? ["Apparently you do. So get on that." -- Wing Chun]

The SUVs arrive to take the contestants to the Trax Training Facility. I'm going to start a contest in the forums for names of the various locations, because I am terrible at coming up with those. The contestants file in and sit down in the two rows of folding chairs facing the ring. In an interview, Josh says that he was really nervous. Nidia reveals that they were instructed to stare forward once they took their seats. In an interview, Jason says that he thought it was a mental test, to see who would turn around first. I would guess that either Darryl or Josh would lose that contest.

After they all face forward for some undetermined amount of time, the door at the back of the room opens and Triple H walks in. Seriously, how cool would it have been if they had little speakers hooked up by the door, like a mini-TitanTron, and when Triple H walked through, his entrance music began to play? Harvard Chris smiles. Josh makes a face like a fish out of water, which I guess is supposed to indicate shock. In an interview, Greg says that he saw "the beard and the ponytail" and knew that it was Triple H. We see a quick montage of Triple H in action in the ring.

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